Liberia Marketing Asso. President Feels Abandon in COVID-19 Fight

The National Association of Liberian Business Women and Entrepreneur president, Madam Maureen Shaw (3rd clockwise) and other sorting the masks that her organization donated to the Liberia Marketing Association

Monrovia – Liberia Marketing Association (LMA) President Alice Nyepan could not hold back on expressing her disappointment in politicians, who according to her have abandoned the LMA during this COVID-19 crisis.

By Willie N. Tokpah / 0777039231 ([email protected])

Madam Nyepan expressed her feelings recently when she received dozens of noise masks from the National Association of Liberian Business Women and Entrepreneur (NALBWE).

Madam Nyepan said it was equally important that politicians and other stakeholders identify with the ‘forgotten child’ during such a global pandemic.

“I want to say thank you for thinking about the LMA and market women during this COVID-19. My disappointment is that, people are not thinking about the LMA, but when it comes to elections, you will see everybody running to the LMA office,” Madam Nyepan lamented.

“We want to say thank you NALBWE for giving us these preventive gears. It is not elections and it is not time for putting people together or to divide rice or things but it is for you thinking about the market women and saying we need to do something for them.”

She said it was unfortunate that the influx of individuals that troop into her offices during elections period are yet to be seen during this pandemic when individuals and institutions are distributing preventive materials at various sectors. She added: “Maybe they are on their way, but we say thank you and may God bless you.”

Madam Nyepan told journalists, while receiving the package of noise masks from NALBWE Chairperson Ophelia E. Hoff Saytumah and founder Maureen L. Shaw that since the ascendency of President Weah, getting to him has been difficult.

She expressed optimism that the partnership with NALBWE would help address such situation—getting to meet with the President, who has said that promoting woman’s issues are some of his top concerns.

“We as market women are looking for women to join us so that our voices will be heard, because those places that we can’t go as bitter ball sellers, I think your can reach there,” Madam Nyepan told Madams Saytumah and Shaw.

She used the occasion to beseech the NALBWE leadership to immediately intervene whenever there are rumors of confusions within the LMA. She added: “We have been in too much disputes and we have not seen anyone to come in to help us settle these problems. As business women in Liberia, LMA depends on you.”

The LMA President assured these Liberian women entrepreneurs of her administration’s willingness to work along with them.

During the distribution, NALBWE Chairperson Madam Saytumah, who is a former Mayor of the City of Monrovia, expressed how important it was for Liberians to jointly defeat the Coronavirus disease.

Madam Saytumah encouraged every Liberian to keep wearing facemasks and keep a distance, especially in crowded places.

“It is very important for us at this stage to get together and fight COVID-19; we have been told that it’s easier to fight it when we wear masks,” Madam Saytumah said.

The former Mayor of Monrovia told the LMA that the masks were made by one of her organization’s members.

Also, the business women organization’s founder, Madam Shaw, said the masks were made in a special way that they can be used several times, once they are washed and disinfected properly. Madam Shaw urged the LMA leadership to ensure that marketers use masks constantly.