Liberia: Margibi-Electoral District One Lawmaker Donates Medical Supplies to Health Facilities across Constituency


Margibi County –  The Office of Representative Tibelrosa Summoh Tarponweh has donated medical supplies to over twelve private and public health facilities within District #1, Margibi County. 

Items donated include disposable hand gloves, nose masks, hand washing buckets, amoxicillin, paracetamol, aspirin, hand sanitizers, chlorine, among others.

Presenting the materials on behalf of the Lawmaker’s Office on Thursday,  Mr. Jackson Mah, Chairperson of a Specialized Committee consisting of community leaders who spearheaded the distribution, named the Marshall City Health Center, Excellent Clinic, Schiefflin Town Clinic, Kelvin Clinic, Maternity & Child Medical Clinic, Tripple “T” Clinic, Boys Town Clinic, Summah Clinic and others as benefiting health facilities.

Mr. Mah said the donation of the medical materials is the Margibi County District One Lawmaker’s way of assisting in curbing the constraints health workers face in saving lives, especially during these difficult times.

He further urged the health workers to utilize the materials and continue their “good work”.

“Representative Tarponweh has been following the constraints you [health workers] are facing to save lives. The Lawmaker sent us to officially donate these medical materials to you. Among these are lots of drugs and some materials you can use in exercising your duties. This donation is a way of identifying with you during these difficult times. There are many health facilities within our District that are benefiting from these materials. This is a continuous process”, Mr. Mah lamented.

Receiving her share of the medical supplies, Officer-in-Chief of the Marshall City Health Center, Madam Dorathy M. Padmore expressed delight and said her facility remains grateful to the Lawmaker for the assistance he continues to render to them, outlining his past donation to the facility.

The donation, she asserted, will go a long way in enhancing health care delivery at the facility during these critical times.

Madam Padmore however highlighted the challenges the Marshall City Health Center has been facing in attending to patients. She disclosed the lack of electricity and drugs.

“I am very excited at this moment to receive these materials from our Lawmaker’s Office.  This is not his first time to donate to our facility; he once made a donation of those benches we are currently using. But, we want to appeal to him to continue to assist us. These items are extremely needed”, Madam Padmore explained.

“We experience lots of challenges in handling some situations, especially things we need to attend to emergencies. There are times we are short of drugs like now we are receiving these drugs from our Lawmaker. Our building is in total darkness because of the lack of electricity. On a daily basis,  we attend to over thirty-five patients.”

Also at the Boys Town Community Clinic, Mrs. Olivia T. Yeenee appreciated Representative Tarponweh for the donation and described it as “timely”.