Liberia: Kingsley Lington Academy Provides Food, Non-food Items for Students Amid Covid-19

Sabato Neufville (left), proprietor of the Kingsley Lington, said his school was also giving back to their students’ parents for their children’s upkeep

Fendall, Montserrado – The proprietors of the Kingsley Lington Academy have gone all out to keep their students healthy and strong to keep fighting against the deadly Coronavirus disease.

The academy is located along the highway to Kakata in the Cooper Farm Community, Fendall, Montserrado County.

Before he began presenting the 25-kg 60 bags of rice to the students’ parents, Mr. Sabato J. Neufville, proprietor of the school, told them how they (school administration) has missed their students so badly since the last two months.

“We miss everybody. What’s happening isn’t our fault; it’s a global issue. We have been sitting in our corners thinking how we can give back to our students,” he said.

He told the parents what they pay to the school as fees are what they use for teachers’ salaries and others for the upkeep of the school.

Each parent took home a bag of rice based on the number of kids they had in the school

Neufville further stated that he and his friend, the other proprietor, had brainstormed on what to do to raise fund.

“She told me what we can do is that I am going to fix masks. She started sewing masks and giving out to people. She made 100s of masks and gave them out to people, who in return gave US$25, 50. We started putting these monies together over there. At some point, she said we can take this amount to but rice so that you can give back to the parents for our students’ upkeep,” he said. He told them that they are aware that everyone is now sitting home and it becomes tough on the parents.

The 60 bags and other items — Maggie cubes, Clorox and powered detergent — were given to the parents based on the number of kids each has in the school.

“We are doing this so that you know that in times of difficulties, you can also look up to the school and not just one way—we looking up to you people only,” he stated.  

Two parents, who spoke in and on behalf of themselves and their colleagues, praised Neufville and his partner for the gesture. The parents Neufville has also made their kids happy. They also said that academically, the school’s teachers provide the lessons to their children the best way.

Neufville’s partner, who is based in the US, Ms. Betty Morris, told this newspaper that Covid-19 has caused a lot of folks to be laid off from their places of work and this has created hard economic conditions for them.

Ms. Morris further stated that unlike the US where when you are laid off, you still have something to live on, Liberia is of totally different case.

The Kingsley Lington’s students’ parents were grateful to Proprietor Sabato Neufville for giving them rice and other non-food items

“Majority of the people in Liberia, live off of what they get daily. So, I said to myself, I can begin to do something to raise fund to get some money to send back home in Liberia so that our people can have something to eat while they are sitting home,” she said.

“I began to fix masks and send out to people, who supported the idea,” she added.

She further stated that the initial amount of US$1100 she had raised was sent to Liberia so that the rice and other items could be bought and given to the parents so they and their kids can have something to eat.

Ms. Morris hoped that other Good Samaritans out there who may want to help will be further encouraged having seen what the initial amount has done for Liberian mothers and their children.

In her ‘GoFundMe’ plead, she is appealing for US$5000.

In her special message to parents, she stated, “We are all in this together; please take the disease seriously. It’s is real. Keep wearing your face masks whether home or out.”

She also urged the parents to keep their children busy by making them to continually read their notes or other educational materials.