Liberia: AMEU-Muslim Students Asso. Gives Food, Non-food Items to Monrovia Central Prison


Monrovia – The African Methodist Episcopal University Muslim Students Association (AMEU-MSA) has begun a month-long food distribution and donation to various communities in and around Montserrado County.

A. Macaulay [email protected]

The food items include rice, oil, chicken, sugar and milk. The donation, which is valued over US$1,000, is a part of the organization’s intervention in bringing relief to the underprivileged people in impoverished communities. 

According to the organization head, they feel compelled to do this because it borders on mitigating human suffering which goes in line with the pro-poor agenda for development and prosperity of the Liberian government. According to them, after their assessment, they think that their donation would benefit inmates at the Monrovia central prison, particularly Muslims, who are fasting during this Holy month of Ramadan. They also think that their donation will benefit their fellow Islamic students at the AME-University.

“The children or students who are learning the holy Quran at the various Memorization centers in Montserrado County,” Vamuyah  Fofana, head of AMEU-MSA, said.  

Fofana highlighted that the donation will also go a long way in helping to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in Liberia mainly at the national level, especially during the state of emergency.

Fofana: “We Muslim students are under a religious injunction to carry out acts of charity in the month of Ramadan just as Allah says: ‘O you who believe fast as it was prescribed upon those who came before you so that you may have Allah’s consciousness. Quran 2:183.’”

He beseeched Allah’s blessing and prayed that the Almighty eradicates this virus from their country and the world at large.

He emphasized that Ramadan is the most sacred month of the year for Muslims because the prophet Muhammad said: “When the month of Ramadan starts, the gates of heaven are opened and the gates of hell are closed and the devil is chained.”

He mentioned that in Prophet Mohammed’s teachings, he stressed that whoever feeds the fasting Muslims in this month, that person gets a reward equal to the person who fasted this is because the month of Ramadan is a month they should start loving people, be kind and merciful to one another and it is also a month of acceptance, forgiveness, and freedom from the hellfire. 

Fofana used the occasion to thank their donors for the support and the contributions. He urged them to continually give to the organization. He also congratulated the leadership and members of AMEU Muslim Students Association for the empowerment and nourishment of those needy people especially during this month of Ramadan.