JFK Hospital Rejects Responsibility of Justice Minister Daughter’s Death


Monrovia – The John F. Kennedy has rectified that the daughter of Justice Minister Frederica Portea Cherue died of natural death, and not failure of shortage.

Report by Bettie K. Johnson-Mbayo/ [email protected]

The hospital said that its life-support machines did not depend on electricity, refuting reports that the daughter of Minister Cherue died because the machine supporting her shut down due to power cut that subsequently led to her death. 

Statements attributed to the hospital said that there were seven people who died including the Justice Minister’s daughter.

Freddie as she was popularly called died late September at the John F. Kennedy Hospital after protracted illness.

She was 30 years and was described as a loving and humble person during her stay on earth. She was the third of six children born to the Justice Minister, as well as a staff of Senator Varney Sherman.

“Life is nothing, so why people can’t make it with God, who you to keep away from God are, you are value in the sight of God so make it first don’t wait that will be too late,” said Rev. Paye Bagnon of the Faith Deliverance & Prayer Healing Ministries at her funeral on Saturday.

“Speak to people avoid making rivals, don’t dispose the people of what they should have in the name of you are big shot, live with people and speak to your friend.”

Cllr. Cherue said that he had preferred his daughter burying him instead of him burying her. He added that the presence of her friends at his home brought him warmth greetings of how popular and loved she was.

There were several tributes given by friends and families at the program and on her Facebook page.

Press Secretary Jerolinmek Piah on his Facebook Page wrote: “A brief tribute as you take your final rest today: “Frederica Portea Cherue, the General, Silent Politician and Activist, a kind-hearted woman, a strong believer in Christ Jesus, a friend to the HAVEs and HAVENOTs, an enemy to nobody.

“Why did you do this to us your friends and family? Where are all the dreams and vision you had? Who will pursue them? Look at your young child and aging dad. Who have you left them with? Knowing you as a friend was one of my many blessings from God.  

“I am reflecting on how you drove with drinks at my house when we celebrated our Princess Conwlee’s 2nd birthday and many more good deeds.

You even bought Queen Deemar pleasing gifts at just age one…… you were so kind to me and my family.

There are so many examples of your kind heart and goodness that space and time cannot allow me to list here but the witnesses to those are many (Rev Fr. Tickey, Jennifer Davis, Norris Tweah, Isaac Jackson, Fedelis Wiagbe, Michael Godfrey, Tamba Jusu, Kelvin Demey, Emmanuel Robertson, Simeon Freeman, Cllr. Varney Sherman, and the list goes on, can attest that you were a generous, kind and good-hearted creature of the Most High God. “

He continued: “Portea, you have brought and left us with so much grief, pains and sorrow by your passing.

I am pained the more because I cannot join the others to take you to your final resting place today due to distance, but will surely pay my grave-site last respect upon my return to Liberia.

The Cherue family has indeed lost a great family member, her friends, a trusted and dependable comrade and Liberia, a strong and committed citizen and dedicated public servant.

Greet Fanta Sulamani Mamadee Diakite, Lawrence Randall, Rev James Yarbah Piah, Uncle John W. Piah, Manzanatu Piah and the others for me in Halaluyah Square.

Rest on Portea till we meet again on that Great Resurrection Morning and make a new and different life on God’s Celestial Shores – When we die, halleluiah bye and bye, we fly away.”

Kollina K. Jallah It’s so hard to say goodbye my friend and sister, you will always be remembered as a true n caring friend. Rest on Frederica Portea Cherue.

Frederica Portea Cherue you were truly a gladiator and knew how to make things happen. We would sit in your car for hours advancing ideas and strategy and u would make sure I sounded in the affirmative before u pulled on.

You trusted your instinct and the recommendations u got about us was solid u said and indeed we finally conquered and when we now met u joyously referred to yourself ‘The AG daughter.’

Aye mehn, Emmanuel Redd our buddy will be laid to rest today ooo. The work was done but the fruit not harvested. You were your daddy’s Tom Boy, ran his stuffs and arranged activities.

You were so forceful and achieving. We will truly miss your hard work and smiles and never called us by name but Big Brother! Rest on till we all meet at the celestial shore. Good nite!! Alexander Bealded

Her funeral was well attended by several Government officials including members of the three branches of government.