Health Minister Jallah Says People Between The Ages 15 to 54 Have the Highest Numbers of COVID-19 Virus


Monrovia – Minister of Health Dr. Wilhemina Jallah has re-echoed her voice to call on Liberians and foreign residents to abide by the health protocols to reduce the spread of the deadly coronavirus that is gradually ravaging the entire country.

Speaking at the Ministry of Information regular press briefing on Thursday, July 15, 2021, the Minister of Health said people are not coming forth to healthcare facilities when they contract the Covid-19 virus. She added people are rather treating themselves at their various homes.

“If you are having those symptoms, no need to hide yourselves because the safety of all of us rests in our own hands. The people between the ages 15 to 54 have the highest numbers of Covid-19 currently in the country,” Dr. Jallah said.

According to the Minister of Health, the young people are the ones that are in the constant habit of disobeying the health protocols that were passed down by the health authority.

She added: “These are the same people we found going to the club at night. There is a possibility that they may catch Covid-19 virus and they will not show any symptom and they will carry it home to your family.”

“We want to encourage you to stop those practices because you may endanger the life of your mother or father or even your own life,” she warned.

According to the Health Minister, the total cases in the country currently is 5,306. She added last month June had the highest in cases with the amount of 2041 cases.

“That tells you that we were hit hard in June,” the Health Minister said. In July until now, we have seen 1002 cases. We hope by the end of July, we will not reach the numbers that we reached in June,” she added.

The active cases around the country are 2506. But the Health Minister says the number could be cut down by half because for her some patients have already completed their 14 days at the healthcare facilities and will be leaving soon.

She added that 14 out of the 15 counties have been hit by the virus. She assures the public that things will get better only if the health protocols are implemented to the core. The Health Minister says the total death since the beginning of the outbreak is 148.