‘A Cry for Help’: Young Liberian With Eye Tumor in Dire Need of Medical Attention


Monrovia – Thomas Jefferson, an 18-year-old Liberian, is losing his left eye which has been swollen for almost three months. 

His family is pleading with philanthropists and charity organizations to help him seek medical attention abroad as his condition continues to worsen each day.

Thomas hails from District #1, River Gee County. According to him, he woke up one morning and noticed that his eye was itching and while scratching the eye it began to swell gradually. 

A couple of days later, his eye enlargened, making it difficult for him to see.

Thomas’ left eye has a tumor likes the size of a small ball and liquid continues to ooze out of it.

”I feel severe pain during the day and find it more difficult to sleep at night, from hospital to hospital, from one eye clinic to another,” he told FPA on Tuesday in Monrovia.

“I can be tired, my family [and] everybody is trying- but no way out – the little money we had finished already. All I need right now is a help! I need help! I really need someone to help me.” 

Despite the severity of his condition, he manages to move around with his family appearing on one radio station to the other sending out SOS calls.

“I feel ashamed and embarrassed walking around like this, for a long time now. I can’t go to school, can’t see my friends, I’m missing everything.” 

Arthur T. Masseh, Thomas’ uncle, told FPA that the 18-year-old has been taken to many hospitals and eye clinic but to no avail.

“We went to JFK, ELWA, all necessary eye testing have been done,” he said with a lot of frustration. 

“In fact, it’s a doctor from JFK who recommended for Thomas to be taken out of Liberia because they are unable to operate on him here”.

“We have spent the bare minimum of cash from all of our savings, we have asked families, friends, lawmakers but no one seems to adhere to our plea. 

“JFK and ELWA hospitals have clearly told us, they are not able to operate on my nephew here in Liberia, – they told us, ‘Thomas’ problem can be properly handled in America or India’.”

His family says approximated US$7,000 or US$8,000 is needed to cover his medical cost.

Editor’s Note: The family of Thomas Jefferson can be contacted on +231776927119 or +231880296904.