Liberia: Speaker Chambers Recommits Pledge to Women Empowerment

Speaker Chambers & FeJAL’s Siatta Scott

MONROVIA – House Speaker Bhofal Chambers has recommitted his support for the advancement of women in the world, especially the advocacy purpose of the Liberian women agenda on broader political participation and empowerment.

Speaker Chambers says the need for women to compete with their male counterparts in a competitive condition and environment cannot be over-emphasized.

Speaker Chambers made the assertions Thursday at his Capitol Building Office in Monrovia when the Head of Female Journalist Association (FeJAL), Madam Siatta Scott-Johnson, sanctioned by the UN-Women Monrovia Office, began the collection of video and audio messaging ahead of the 16-Day of Activism on violence against women which begins in early December each year.

During the video messaging production, Speaker assured the Liberian public about his stance to giving women opportunities and stressed the need for women to compete with their male counterparts once the chance is given and the field is level.

Speaker Chambers however bemoans the idea of setting up or giving a special quota to women, simply on the basis of their gender, but wants women to be prepared to face the challenges enduring what it takes to make dreams and ambitions become realities.

The Pleebo-Sodoken Lawmaker then divulged that he has been working with several female lawmakers at the House of Representatives who have mount up to the occasion to work hard, irrespective of their gender.