U.S Embassy in Liberia: Planned July 24 Protest Intent is Misplaced


MONROVIA – The U.S. Embassy in Liberia has condemned to plans by the Council of Patriots to stage another mass protest beginning July 24, stating that though the Embassy respects the rights of people to assemble and convey their views, the pending intent to do so in the Independence celebration week is misplaced.

“While the U.S. Embassy supports the rights of citizens to lawfully apply to assemble or convey their views to elected officials, the intent to do so during the week of July 22 is misplaced,” a statement from the Embassy noted.

The mass demonstration which is expected to commence July 24 and run through the Independence celebrations, July 26, would be a sequel to the June 7 protest against bad governance, corruption and the declining economy.

“We commend the peaceful conduct of thousands of protestors who by their actions on June 7 conveyed they are interested in progress and national dialogue over aggression or demands,” the Embassy noted.

According to the U.S. Embassy, staging the protest during the week of the Independence celebrations would be counter to the nomenclature of the organizers and would convey lack of commitment to national development.

“As the COP press release specifically calls on the international community to join their ‘long march,’ the U.S. Embassy responds by sharing its view that, particularly from a group carrying the banner ‘Council of Patriots’ and from a group which avows that patriotism remains central to their efforts, staging such actions as they have outlined, during independence celebrations, would instead convey a lack of commitment to national development. Ideally, events surrounding upcoming national celebrations should be devoid of partisan promotion or posturing, focusing instead on working together for the common good of the Liberian people,” the Embassy stated.