“Roll Your Sleeves to Take Liberia From Evil And Corrupt Forces Preventing Progress” -PLP Chairman Wilmot Paye Urges Liberians


MONROVIA — The National Chairman of the newly certificated People’s Liberation Party (PLP), Wilmot Paye, has urged Liberians to form a united front to democratically take back their country from those he called “evil and corrupt” forces existing in national leadership to suppress growth and development and accumulate ill-gotten wealth to the detriment of the citizenry.

Paye observed that for too long, Liberia has been faced with leadership deficit, and as such, it is now time for citizens to roll up their sleeves and join the new political movement to help redeem the nation.

He made these comments over the weekend when a former stalwart of the ex-governing Unity Party (UP), Kansualism M. Kansuah and over 150 others officially parted company with the UP and joined the PLP at a brief ceremony held at the party’s headquarters in Congo Town, outside Monrovia.

Kansuah was the former Recruitment Coordinator on the 2011 Campaign Team of the UP, Administrator for Montserrado County, and Assistant Secretary General of the Liberia Action Party (LAP)-one of the political parties that formed part of the UP. He also served as Assistant Minister for Land and Rail Transport during the administration of ex-Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

Paye attributed the growing wave of economic hardship and poverty confronting Liberians to the lack of adequate national leadership.

He observed that for too long, selfless leaders have been lacking in the Liberian society, and as such, Liberians should not sit supinely and watch their country to go down the drain without taking decisive actions during this critical period in the history of the country.

He noted that it is regrettable for Liberia, as the oldest country on the African continent, to continue to be grappling with aged-old issues, while other countries are speedily progressing.

He made specific reference to roads, provision of basic social services for the improvement of the living conditions of citizens, among others

“To our suffering masses, the marginalized, our women who are in the markets and nobody pays attention to, our motorcyclists who are providing services and nobody values – the students, young people and farmers across this country – we want to welcome you to this masses movement – the People’s Liberation Party. This is the movement of the people; this is your movement. We have to roll our sleeves to work to take our country from the evil forces that continue to stop progress.”

Paye stated that Liberians should democratically and constructively fight to “tear down the rotten system” that continues to be used by unpatriotic leaders to cause more hardship and suffering on the already impoverished masses.

“We love our country and the time is now for us to put ourselves in the position to take it from those who are misusing it. Leadership is missing in our country”.

Paye disclosed that the PLP remains open to all Liberians, especially patriotic citizens who want to see their country on par with other nations across the region.

He pointed out that the PLP will be a “community-based” party that will be well structured and organized across the nation.

“We are here to work in the interest of the people and our party. This party will not compromise integrity and we want all of us to appreciate that because, we know political parties are places where people go to do the same old things. For those of you who are undecided and are still outside there-there is no better place to go in the interest of Liberia than the People’s Liberation Party”.

Paye further commended Kansuah and the others he referred to as “Liberators” for joining the new political institution.

 “There is no any other political party that anybody can take risk with in the interest of Liberia than the People’s Liberation Party. This is a party that is serious and we want people to know this. We embrace you Kansuah on behalf of the political leader and the membership of the party”.

According to him, the political leader and several other officials are not strangers to Liberia’s problems as being misconstrued in the public.

He disclosed that the PLP will help mentor young Liberians and others to get prepare for leadership roles, adding that, “in our party, we don’t have clique or make decision at the other level and behind the scene others go there to undo it”

“We don’t lie to people and we will never by the grace of God. We will be genuine to all of our people including our mothers, fathers, sons and daughters. We respect our country and we respect Liberians. By joining this party today, you have become a Liberator”.