Pres. Weah Urges Liberians to Strengthen Bond, Forge Together in Unity as They Celebrate 173 Years of Independence


MONROVIA – President George M. Weah has urged citizens of of Liberia to use the celebration of the country’s 173rd Independence Celebration to strengthen bonds and forge ahead in order to consolidate the gains made together as a people over the years of independence.

In a brief statement, the President said, “I also beseech all citizens of faith including Christians, Muslims, traditionalists, etc. to offer prayers and kneel in supplication to God for peace, prosperity and happiness for the nation particularly in these difficult times of a global pandemic”.

He added: “Liberians are a strong and determined people, with our resilience and the blessings of the Almighty God, we will overcome all trials and tribulations besetting our country and see even better days ahead.”