Liberia: ‘Pastor Browne Didn’t Kidnap My Children’

Jacqueline Sneh, mother of the two kids, who were reportedly demon-possessed and were healed by Pastor Browne Sneh. Pastor Browne now takes the kids into the streets during his street services

Monrovia – Few weeks ago, two children were seen on the corner of Randall Street in Monrovia, allegedly confessing to sucking their mother’s blood through the act of witchery. They were speaking during the street preaching of Pastor Browne T. Sneh, who is famously known as Pastor Browne, of the Embassy of Heaven Church, located in New Kru Town, Bushrod Island.

A post on Facebook done by Mr. D. Othniel Forte, called on the Ministry of Gender to act fast in ending the alleged abuse. It reads: “Someone at Gender needs to ACT. Yesterday, at Broad/Randall Streets intersection, about 20 feet away from a bunch of police officers, this Pastor Brown (needs confirmation here) displayed these children and accused them of witchcraft. It is my understanding that he takes them around town often. He claimed to be the Bishop of Gate of Heaven Ministry with five branches. He claims to have cleansed them but continues to drag them around making ‘confessions’ in total disregard of the damage, stigma and trauma he’s causing them. Religion should never be used to justify such. Let someone in authority please look into this. IF YOU KNOW ANYONE WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS PLEASE DO SOMETHING.”

In a short interview via mobile phone, Pastor Browne, said he has been a pastor since 1993 and has been healing and delivering many demonic possessed children from the act of witchcraft, and the two children brought by their mother, his adopted daughter, were of no exception. 

FrontPageAfrica picked up the post and contacted Pastor Browne, who said the kids and their mother lived with him and his wife presently and he had not kidnapped the kids. He further stated that when he met the mother, the kids were small, and since he had delivered them, they are now in the things of God.

He told this newspaper that some government people had even gone to question him and when they had found out that he didn’t kidnap the kids, they left him.

The Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection, through its Deputy Minister for Children and Social Protection, Mrs. Lydia-Mai Sherman, said the Ministry confronted Pastor Browne and was making its report, which we are yet to see. Deputy Min. Sherman further stated, however, that the Ministry cannot do it alone and that it needs the intervention of the police to stop Pastor Browne, who has been running a church and thinks he is doing nothing wrong.

Amidst all the accusations and intervention, Jacqueline, who is the mother of the children, has come to the defense of Pastor Browne, saying she gave her children to Pastor Browne and his wife as their own. 

Recently speaking in an interview with this newspaper at the church’s New Kru Town branch, Jacqueline said Pastor Browne and his wife, Fatu Sneh, took she and her children into their home as their own. The Browne’s are caring for them and she is even using their name. And because of these and many more reasons, she has given her children to them. She noted that had it not been for them, she would have died.

“That day, I was on Randall Street when my children were confessing and everything they said is true. They used to suck my blood from my foot, and my daughter who is five years old, used to turn to snake and enter me. By then, I would be useless to myself. My son is 10 years old and I do not know where their father is because he left when I got crazy,” said Jacqueline.

Pastor Brown displaying the kids during one of his street services

“I myself can tell people the way the pastor is taking care of me; nobody can do it for me. I was crazy for years in Nimba and walked to Monrovia, because the evil people passed through my children to make me crazy. When I got crazy in this town, who helped me get well? Nobody cared about us, and then they want post it on social media that my two children are abused, is it their business, are they feeding us?”

She narrated how one Pastor Austin initiated her children when she was renting from him and attending his church. And that the Pastor did the act when he used to take her baby girl and the brother to sleep with him inside his room. 

“I thought because he was a father who loved children, that is why I allowed him, but not knowing he was initiating them into witchcraft. My daughter was a queen of the witches. Why would I lie on my own children? Many people do not believe these things, but witchcraft is real,” concluded Jacqueline.

The little girl, name withheld, was playing on the bench next to her mother. Jacqueline said she learned this only after Pastor Browne began his deliverance. He asked her who initiated her. “Pastor Austin put me inside witch and we used to be sucking my ma blood from her foot, I used to turn to snake in the night and entered inside my ma. I have six children under the water,” said the five-year-old.

“Pastor Browne did not kidnap my children, I brought them to him. If the police come, I will be the one to speak for Pastor Browne and tell them that he did not kidnap my children, because they do not know how I was looking before Pastor Browne rescued me. I do not care what people say, because if it was not for Pastor Browne, I will still be crazy, now people want come and talk all kinds of things they do not know,” said Jacqueline Sneh, mother of two reportedly demon-possessed children.

Esther Blawah, another mother of a young baby, claimed that her daughter used to performed witchcraft in Ghana and that this caused them to return to Liberia. She had also taken her for deliverance by Pastor Browne.

“My daughter was initiated by a Ghanaian woman, who was a tenant in our house. I got to know about Pastor Browne when my mother visited one of his street services. She took a handkerchief from Pastor Browne and hung it in our house, so when my daughter tried to perform that night, the handkerchief arrested her,” said Blawah

She furthered narrated that her daughter woke her up and said if she, (the mother) did not pray for her, she was going to die. But the girl did not want to confess to her because she knew the mother had a bad temper, so she went and told the grandfather.

Esther Blawah, another mother of a young baby, had also come to Pastor Browne for him to heal her daughter of witchcraft

“She told my father that she was on a mission to kill the baby inside my stomach. So when my father threatened to tell me, she ran away along with her aunt until after a month when the police found them and returned her to me. So that was when I asked around for Pastor Browne’s church and I was directed here. Now my daughter is delivered,” says Blawah

All this while, Pastor Browne sat in a chair under the unfinished church building, with no roof but some orange rubber sheets attached to the planks that serves as roof, but yet cannot stop the rain, due to the big space between them. Pensively looking up at the half tarpaulin roof, he finally said, he now has 30 persons who have gone to live on the church compound to seek solution for different problems including bondage to witchcraft and general healing. He pointed to a bunch of people, adults and children, and said that they are living in the church currently.

“When this lady was pregnant with the girl, the baby used to leave her mother’s womb at night and performed witch and returned inside the womb by morning, and when she was born, she was a full bloom witch,” said Browne, who was speaking about another woman, who was nearby.

He said he feeds all the people living at the church. It is not an easy task because they have to cook two bags of rice every week. And he is not working but he gets money to buy the rice only through street preaching.

Pointing to the unfinished building, he said, “Look at this building with no roof, window, door nor floor, does it look like someone who is making money from street preaching? I need 13 bundles of zinc to roof this church. Therefore, if what I am doing is for only generating fund as people claim, then by now, this church is supposed to be finished.” Pastor Browne then appealed to philanthropists and kind-hearted individuals to help provide food or zinc to cover the church before the heavy rains come down. He can be contacted on 0886851233.