One Million Liberians Lacking Water – National WASH Commission Discloses During Observation of World Water Day


Paynesville — The Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the National WASH Commission, Bobby Whitefield, of the Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) Commission says his institution coupled with the private sector will leave no one behind when it comes to access to quality water in Liberia.

Mr. Whitefield made the statement at the event marking the celebration of World Water Day. The CEO of WASH Commission says a new timeline has been set for water to reach individuals residing in the country.

“It is very challenging, over one million people still don’t have safe drinking water in this country,” The CEO of WASH Commission said.

Mr. Whitefield added: “But this is what we want to do: we want to make sure that every school in this country has water. We want to make sure that every hospital has water. Even in the communities, we want to make sure that every household has safe drinking water.”

This year World Water Day celebration was held at the Paynesville City Hall on Monday, March 22, 2021. Before the event, several students along with staffs of the WASH Commission paraded from ELWA Junction to the Paynesville City Hall, to give awareness about safe drinking water in the country.

Whitefield called on Liberians to serve as ambassadors for water and sanitation in the country, adding that water is essential in whatever they do.

“So, as today is World Water Day, we are asking you to be a champion for water, we are asking you to be an ambassador for water. Talk to your people -that the way they treat water in this country is wrong,” Whitefield said.

“You got to start valuing water; you got to take care of water. And taking care of water means you should not dispose of your garbage in the water. If you put pupu (feces) in the plastic bag and throw it in the water, that pupu will come back on our dinner table. The flies will go there and sit on it and bring it back, the dogs will go there and bring it back. It makes us get sick,” he said.