Man 19, Stabs Friend to Death in Sonniwein Community


Monrovia – Isaac Barclay, 19, has been arrested and charged by the Liberia National Police for allegedly stabbing his friend to death in the Sonniwein Community in Central Monrovia. The incident occurred on Wednesday, February 6. 

Report by Kennedy L. Yangian, [email protected]

Police charge sheet in the possession of this newspaper reveals that Barclay and the victim Lassanah Freeman, both were friends, who lived in the Sonniwein Community but on this Wednesday an argument ensued between the pair. During the argument, it is alleged that the deceased used profaned words on Barclay’s mother and this irritated him.

The charge sheet further states that the heated exchanges of words that followed the alleged abuse degenerated into a fist fight between the two friends.

According to the police, during the fight neighbors intervened and separated the two but Barclay refused to listen and stop the fighting, pronouncing that he was going to kill the victim for insulting his mother.

The police further stated that after the two friends were separated from the fighting while victim Freeman was standing and not watching, Defendant Barclay ran from behind a toilet house and stabbed victim Freeman alias ‘Bucket Green’ in his chest with a kitchen knife. He fled the scene but was later arrested and turned over to the police.

“That after the victim was stabbed, he ran behind the defendant but got weak and fell on the ground and bled profusely and when he was taken to hospital, he died upon arrival” the police charge sheet stated.

During investigation, police added that Defendant Barclay admitted stabbing victim Freeman but regretted the action and blamed it on the “work of the devil.”

In his view of his voluntary admission, the police resolved to charge Defendant Barclay with the charge of murder in violation of Chapter 14 subchapter “A” Section 14.1 of the revised penal law of the Republic of Liberia

Defendant Barclay was on Friday, February 15, forwarded to the Monrovia City Court at the Temple of Justice where he was later ordered detain at the Monrovia Central Prison pending an indictment and subsequent prosecution.