Liberians In U.S. Launch Investment Group to Invest in Liberia’s Health, Real Estate, and Agriculture sector


MONROVIA – Dr. Stella Jefferies is a Liberian who works as a healthcare provider in the United States. She is also the CEO of Lib Investments Group, LLC (LIG) which is registered in the United States and also in Liberia. The company currently has 10 investors and looking for more partners both domestically and internationally.

The company is a premier provider of investment services that contributes to the revitalization of Liberia and creating sustainable communities globally. The company provides an avenue for investors to prepare financially for their future while investing in communities in need.

 The company creates a portfolio of investment choices that can transcend generations and contribute to the general welfare of Liberia and similar communities internationally.

Lib Investments Group, LLC (LIG is currently being managed by Golden Touch Corporation, business facilitation company, that provides a range of services for domestic and international companies wanting to trade but don’t know how , or  wanting  to have ease in operations and functionality in Liberia.

 In an exclusive Interview with FrontPageAfrica on Wednesday Dr. Jefferies stressed the need for what she called a Liberian diaspora partnership with the Liberians at home to invest in their country. “No one, absolutely no one, loves Liberia more than Liberians. Other nationalities are investing in their countries, look at the Ghanaians, and look at Rwanda. So, it’s time to put away all the rhetoric and focus on investing in the country.

“The multi-national (Lebanese Chinese Indians) are taking over our economy and we are only concerning ourselves with politics,” she lamented.

Dr. Jefferies Lib Investments Group, LLC (LIG company is currently investing in three sectors of the country economy which include; healthcare investment project , real estate investment project (Bank Own Properties / Individual own Properties) and Agriculture Investments Project.

According to her, the organization has a pharmacy and a clinic that is located in Caldwell that would soon to be open to the public and will provide quality health services. The health center will focus on providing primary health care for affordable cost.

“We want to be able to manage patients at both chronic condition and other cases our medication will come from the U.S. and are of quality. As a health care provider in the US I feel that the medication my patients are getting there should be the same Medication brought to Liberia.”

She also told FPA in an interview that, nurses or healthcare workers who will be recruited will be Liberians qualified nurses which will provide jobs and help rebuilt the Country. Like the health Investment she also promised that the real estate investment will be affordable but it’s going to focus on providing comfortable shelter for people who travel to Liberia from the US and other parts of the world for short stay.

For Agriculture she said, her company will provide machinery for farmers. “We need to get warehouses and factories that will produce our own cocoa, rice. We are not coming to do farming we have the farmers we will produce the machinery.”