Liberian Journalist, Fatoumata Fofana, Publishes Debut Novel


MONROVIA – A former editor of the Daily Observer newspaper, Fatoumata Fofana, has published her first novel, entitled SADJIO. Published by New York-based Adelaide Books, this novel traces the life of a young girl growing up in a conservative family. Its main character, Sadjio, was a relentless soul, a girl determined to defy all odds to achieve her dreams regardless of what others said, thought, or did. 

Sadjio was born in a poverty-stricken family but she refused to let poverty define her path in life. She was denied access to education because of her gender but Sadjio did everything to fight gender disparity in education and got the education she desired. Sadjio’s greatest nightmare, however, was her separation from her biological parents. Get a copy of this novel and discover how or what she had to endure to overcome this adversity that nearly altered her life. 

To sum it up, SADJIO is a story of mystery, defiance, and determination. It is geared towards every little girl with a big dream and determination to achieve it no matter what society dictates. Some observers have already described it as a major work in the ongoing rebirth of Liberian literature. Several readers have also offered to write and publish reviews. In fact, a selection of reviews will be read out at the book’s formal launching, which is in the offing. 

 SADJIO has already received numerous promising feedbacks on social media since its release, and sales have begun soaring on pages like and Don’t let the current stock run out before you place your order.

It is imperative to note that Author Fatoumata’s life has been that of storytelling. Her ability to narrate a story in ways that make readers find expressions of their own life experiences has drawn many to her writings over the years. She formerly wrote a daily column in the Daily Observer capturing women and family related issues before becoming the paper’s senior editor in 2010. She currently writes for The Philadelphia Tribune and Fatoumata also runs a nonprofit that campaigns for women’s rights at all levels. Her nonprofit, Mousso d’Afrika, seeks to defeat gender disparity in education.