Liberian Family Accuses Doctor of Negligence Leading to Death of Relative


Buchanan – A family in Grand Bassa County has accused one Dr. Alfred Loua of the Liberia Government Hospital in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County, for neglecting their relative, which allegedly led to her death in childbirth.

Report by Henry Karmo, [email protected]

The Morgan Family, in a letter of complaint to the Liberia Medical and Dental Council, a copy of which is in the possession of this paper, claims that the deceased Julia S. Moore was referred to the Liberia Government Hospital on Sunday, April 1, for complications in giving birth.

When contacted, Dr. Loua said the deceased suffered from Breech presentation cord-prolapse and lack of blood and all effort to revive her during the period of complication failed.

“This 41-year-old female patient was referred from CEM clinic with breech presentation/cord prolapse/iufd; she was anemic, family was asked to provide three units blood to no avail, after the patient expelled the dead fetus, she started bleeding profusely, I rushed to the Catholic Health Center – if I could find blood, luckily, I found one unit, I quickly returned to the hospital and found that she was gasping, all CPR (cardio Pulmonary resuscitation) was done,” Dr. Loua explained.

According to the letter of complaint, upon reaching the Liberia Government Hospital in Buchanan, Dr. Alfred Loua, who was on shift, informed the family that the baby was not alive again and there was the need to get the dead baby out.

Dr. Alfred Loua knowing this asked the lady (Julia Moore) if she had had children and she said “Yes.”

Later, according to the complaint, Dr. Loua assured that the patient that she would expel the dead fetus since she had given birth before and that there was no need for a surgery.

“From Sunday, April 1, our Sister, Julia Moore continued to be in pain with the dead baby still left in her up until the early morning hours of Tuesday, April 3, when we were told that she had died,” states the complaint.

The family said the doctor’s action is “a gross violation of human rights since almost all maternal deaths are avoidable, maternal mortality is also an issue of human rights”.

“Human rights are universal legal guarantees protecting individuals and groups against actions that interfere with fundamental freedoms and human dignity and in your induction speech delivered on Friday at the John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital (JFKMH), you being the first female to head the LMDC vowed that your leadership will undertake a 3-year strategic plan to transform the organization,” the family said.

According to Floyd Arlington Morgan, brother of the deceased, he reported the case formally with the Grand Bassa County Health Team on Thursday, April 5, and since then; “they have failed to make any investigation into this matter as was promised by the Team.”

When FrontPage Africa contacted the County Health, Dr. Anthony Tucker, he confirmed receipt of the complaint but said, he could not speak to the issue.

Said Morgan: “Dr. Birch, we believe that NO ONE should die because she is going to give birth. Upon hearing the news of my complaint, Dr. Loua has been telling people that nothing will come out of this case and I am fighting a losing battle as in Liberia, he cannot be taken anywhere.

“I know from past experiences that cases of such magnitude are swept under the carpet like many believe to be, but we are peaceful family and want to follow the right path in addressing this. We have to send out positive messages to workers in any field of study that neglects and failure to perform one’s duty cannot and will not continue to be the order of the day in Liberia.

“I have taken the first step with the Grand Bassa County Health Team and just as Dr. Loua has been boasting around that nothing will come out of this is proving right in Bassa because of their failure to address my concerns since the 3rd of April 2018 up to date.

Mr. Morgan also warned the Grand Bassa Health Team of tampering with his dead Sister’s hospital card by Dr. Loua and his cohorts.

“Even up to present, there has been no death certificate; the family was NEVER shown/given the dead baby. We request your Honorable Body-The Liberia Medical and Dental (LMDC) Council which serves as a Regulatory Agency of all health practitioners in the country to kindly look into this matter as this will serve as a precedent for future cases and that this will help others.”