Liberia: Woman Arrested for stealing 2-Day-Old Baby at C. B. Dunbar Hospital

Beatrice Moses is the alleged baby snatcher

Gbarnga, Bong County – Police in Gbarnga, Bong County have arrested one Beatrice Moses, for allegedly stealing a two-day-old baby.

Report by Selma Lomax, [email protected]

Police launched intense investigation after the child disappeared.

Bong County Police Commander, Frederick Nappy, said the woman, 35, was arrested at the Ganta check point on a motorbike while trying to escape with the child.

Bendu Karmo, 20, was ‘pleased’ after police helped her recovered her child.

Nappy said he teamed up with security officers assigned at the various check points bordering Bong to arrest anyone with two-day old child. “I teamed up with the various check points in the county moments after receiving the information and luckily for us the police in Ganta interrogated Beatrice, who was carrying a young baby over motorbike,” Nappy said.  

The news of the missing child  Monday morning captivated the city of Gbarnga and drew attention from citizens, nurses and police alike after she was kidnapped from the C. B. Dunbar hospital, just hours after her birth.

Bong County Police Commander, Frederick Nappy teamed up with security officers in Ganta to track Beatrice

Beatrice said she posed as a family member and entered the maternity ward of the hospital. 

According to her, after noticing that the child’s mother had gone to the bathroom, she took the child and exited the hospital. “When I looked around no one was paying attention to me that’s how I made my way outside the hospital with the baby,” she said.

Nurses said they thought the child woman was a family member of Bendu Karmo, mother of the child, because they saw her interact with the baby several times minutes before the abduction.

Beatrice said she had been yearning for child after three failed attempts to bear a child. “I have gotten pregnant three times but I have been unfortunate to bear a child on those occasions that’s why I came to the hospital to get a child,” she said.   

The issue about the missing baby captivated Gbarnga Monday morning as citizens trooped to the police station to get a glimpse of suspect Beatrice

Bendu said the recovery of her son was a true belief that God is alive. “God knows that I suffered to bear my child,” she said. “I am very happy that I can still be breastfeeding my child.”

Nappy said the baby was recovered in good condition and the case is under investigation. He gave the assurances that the suspect would be charged and send to court after investigations.