Liberia: Why Fahngon Got the Ax


MONROVIA – Eugene Fahngon got away with several harsh comments relating the governance of the country under President George Weah but his cup got full on Wednesday after demeaning the strategy of the Weah-led government in combatting the resurgence of covid-19, noting that President will lose his legacy if the situation is not handled with caution.

Despite being the second principal spokesman of the Weah-led government, Fahngon on Tuesday did not mince his words when he said the President’s legacy risk being undermined following his government’s “weak” measures to combat Covid-19 pandemic in Liberia.

Fahngon who served as Deputy Information Minister for Public Affairs also said via a live broadcast on Facebook that the recent measures instituted by the government aimed at curbing the spread of COVID-19 in the country.

He said President Weah is being ill-advised by members of his cabinet about the current reality the country of the coronavirus in the country.

He called for a lockdown to curb the transmission of the new variant of the virus in the country.

However, the Executive Mansion announced that Mr. Fahngon has been relieved of his post following his comment.

“Mr. Fahngon removal is as a result of spreading false information regarding the government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic currently ravaging the country,” the Executive Mansion stated.

The President has warned that he will not hesitate to take similar action against any other official of government engaged in activities that undermine established government policy.

In December 2020, Fahngon via a live Facebook broadcast said President Weah cannot get re-elected in 2023 if he continues to depend on his popularity. This was after the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) disgracefully lost the Montserrado Senatorial to Senator Abraham Darius Dillon of the Collaboration Political Parties (CPP).

He said, in order for Pres. Weah to regain the confidence of the public, few heads in government needed to roll.

Though Fahngon did not mention names of these individuals, but said there are about five of them that the President needs to dismiss.

There are about five persons in this government that the opposition hopes [that] if they can just be removed if we can just get him to fire them, we’re okay. Or if we can get him to turn against them, sack them, we’re good. There are about four or five persons in this government. And make no mistake, you know me and I know you…,” he said.

He named the payment of WASSCE fees, building of roads, infrastructure development to include new market structures, hospital, corporate buildings; free tuition for public universities as some of the achievements of the President, yet the Liberian people rejected his choices during the Senatorial election.

Minister Fahngon emphasized that the Liberian people love the President but “hate his government to the bone”.

“Why in the midst of maximum progress in minimum time there is so much agony, anguish, hatred, disenchantment, resolve to the point where people say I rather be where I was than to be where I am now?” he asked rhetorically.

He said the CDC’s defeat did not start with December 8 senatorial election, recalling that the Coalition was beaten in Bong County, District 13 and by Senator Dillon – all before this midterm election. “Then this midterm, we were massively beaten. How long will it take before optical reality sets in?”

He called for sober reflections on why even the young generation, most of whom had just turned 18 and just came out of high school – benefiting from the President’s payment of WASCCE fees and the market women who are massively benefiting from the modern market structures being built by the President would choose to elect his choices into the legislature.

“If anyone tells to you that the popularity of our President and the love the people have for him will get him elected in 2023 if the situation does not change, tell them Fahngon says, you damn lie; even if it means I’m booted out,” he said.