Liberia: Two Ministry of Transport Employees Arrested for Issuing Fake Car Registration and Insurance Documents


Monrovia – Two employees of the Ministry of Transport have been booked for their alleged involvement in “fraudulently issuing insurance document” of the Palm Insurance Corporation to clients.

FrontPageAfrica gathered that the two in-persons of Francis Flomo and Calvin Passawe allegedly gave fake insurance and vehicle documents to a client in the name of Palm Insurance Corporation.

The suspects, Francis Flomo and Calvin Passawe were nabbed over the weekend by officers of the Liberian National Police at the Ministry, while allegedly attempting to dupe another client.

They were detained at the Slipway Depot over the weekend in Monrovia, to be further transferred to court.

The Chief Executive Officer of Palm Insurance Corporation Venice Dean told FPA that some of the items caught with the suspects include, copies of various insurance companies’ receipts, stickers, bankbook copies, stamps, among others.

They were allegedly attempting to give Madam Kollie fake insurance and vehicle registration document after she had gone at the Ministry of Transport to process her documents.

Palm Insurance Corporation President informed FPA that the act was not the first of its kind towards the Corporation. She said her institution has been victimized on several occasions over the years.

She pointed fingers at some employees at the Ministry of Transport for allegedly being associated with such act.

Madam Dean further disclosed: “Francis Flomo when arrested, was seen with the amount of US$1,000 in his pocket plus several bank deposit slips owned by banking institutions in the country and insurance companies’ documents.”

She at the same time noted that the actions of some employees of the Ministry of Transport is making the government of Liberia and insurance companies to lose thousands of dollars in revenue.

According to her, series of complaints have been filed to the Ministry of Transport but the act is yet to be curtailed.

“Can you imagine, those criminal at the Ministry of Transports have every documents for every institutions in the country,” Dean said.

“We have changed our documents and features but those guys always having fake documents and issuing  them to vehicle owners in the country.

She said Flomo and his colleague Passawe will be taken to court for their alleged ‘fraudulent acts’ which he said had created loses for institution.

At the same time, Madam Dean stated that her institution has been taken to court by clients on several occasions, whenever a situation involving such dubious act occurred.

 Dean then expressed frustration over the alleged act, emphasizing the need that it be curtailed.

Dorothy Kollie, the victim, explained that Francis Flomo asked her to pay the amount of USD$ 175 for the vehicle and the insurance documents but later realized it was not original after receiving it.

“Based upon that, I decided to go to my clients and find out whether they have someone stationed at the Ministry of Transport processing and giving their insurance documents, it was at this point, my client told me that they do not have any branch elsewhere in Monrovia,” Madam Kollie asserted.

 “Based upon the information, it was how we contacted the LNP and have the two guys arrested and detained at the Slip Way Police Deport, in central Monrovia.”

When FrontPageAfrica contacted the Ministry of Transport on the allegation, the Human Resource Director Madam Hannah Sheriff confirmed that both Francis Flomo and Calvin Passawe are in the employ of the Ministry.

She advised that Palm Insurance Corporation do an official communication to the Ministry for appropriate action to be taken against those employees involved.

Meanwhile, Flomo and Passawe refused to speak with FrontPageAfrica on grounds that their lawyers have to be present.