Liberia: Thugs on The Rampage to Avenge Ring Leader’s Death


MONROVIA – Residents of Fiamah Community believe their area is no longer safe, especially so after Saturday’s open show of hooliganism in the area.

Report by Lennart Dodoo, [email protected]

Fiamah community in Sinkor, Monrovia on Saturday became chaotic as an organized group of thugs, believed to be from Paynesville, stormed the community to avenge the death of their ring leader who was identified to FrontPageAfrica as ‘King Pharaoh’.

According to police sources, ‘King Pharaoh’ was killed in his bed on Saturday morning allegedly by a ring leader in Sinkor only identified to FrontPageAfrica as ‘Man Devil’.

A member of ‘Man Devil’ gang was allegedly assaulted by ‘King Pharaoh’ at Renaissance Night Club at Duport Road junction in Paynesville. In retaliation, according to police source, ‘Man Devil’ allegedly moved on ‘King Pharaoh’ at his home in the Paynesville with thugs and murdered him while in was in bed. After killing him, they brought his body and dumped it in Sinkor, around 17th Street, to prove his supremacy.

But the enraged members of the Paynesville gang stormed 17th Street in demand for ‘Man Devil’ to have him killed, too.

They began chasing people out of the Fiamah Market, leading to the stoppage of all commercial activities in most parts of Sinkor with marketers running helter-skelter until the police moved in to calm the situation.

They also set ablaze the home of ‘Man Devil’ who could not be found.

Prior to moving on ‘Man Devil’s’ property in Sinkor, they damaged several properties at the Renaissance Night Club where the fight originated.

Police Spokesman Moses Carter would not answer telephone calls to provide update on the incident.

However, a source at the police headquarters informed FrontPageAfrica that ‘King Pharaoh’ murderer is yet to be identified and apprehended. However, five of the rioters in Fiamah were arrested by the Police. Four are in detention at the police headquarters undergoing investigation while one, who was manhandled during the arrest, is undergoing treatment at John F. Kennedy Memorial Center.