Liberia: Source Close to Sacked RIA Managing Director Says He Resigned Prior to His Dismissal


MONROVIA – Bishop J. Allan Klayee was suddenly dismissed by President George Weah as Managing Director of the Liberia Airport Authority on Tuesday for “administrative reasons”. But a source close to Rev. Klayee said he had earlier tendered in his resignation to the President.

According to the source, Bishop Klayee resigned on Monday after a prolonged meeting with President Weah.

“The main reason he resigned is because of the ground Handling agreement that many top officials of government are pushing to outsource to a foreign company from Jordan. Since taking over as Managing Director, Bishop has opposed the deal up to his resignation,” the source disclosed.

Multiple efforts by FrontPageAfrica to get comments from the Executive Mansion through the Presidential Press Secretary did not materialize.

According the source, Bishop Klayee refused to sign any document related to outsourcing the ground Handling to a foreign company, even after the Board of Directors unanimously signed.

“Because of this, many officials of government who have received bribes from this Jordanian company have stifled his moves in the corridors of power. The Minister of Finance has refused to pay salaries to the airport for months because of this. Many top officials who received bribes from this foreign company are the reason things at the airport are at a standstill.

During the administration of President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, the cargo department, which every airport depends on for revenue collection, was outsourced to a private company, that is why the airport is struggling right now to pay salaries and even keep up maintenance.

The source said outsourcing the airport to a foreign firm will make the airport to completely lost its source of income.