Liberia: Senatorial Aspirants Warns against Electing Candidates Already in the House of Representatives

Siah Tandanpolie urged citizens to reject sitting candidates who are bent on imposing additional economic burdens on the state by participating in the senatorial election even though they are members of the House of Representatives.

MONROVIA – Montserrado County Senatorial candidate Siah Tandanpolie has cautioned Liberians, particularly eligible voters, against making decisions in the interest of politicians who are using taxpayers’ monies to engage into quick impact projects in a bid to win their minds ahead of the much-anticipated senatorial election in Liberia.

Madam Tandanpolie is the daughter of fallen Montserrado County Representative Moses Saah Tandanpolie, and a member of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), who sometimes ago accepted a petition to contest the ensuing senatorial election.

The senatorial election is scheduled for December 8, 2020, according to the National Elections Commission (NEC).

Madam Tandanpolie urged Liberians to “don’t lick the honey for a day and suffer for nine years”.

She made these comments when a cross section of citizens from the Kissi Community and several youth and women groups endorsed her candidacy at a program held in Paynesville, outside Monrovia recently.

She urged citizens to reject sitting candidates who are bent on imposing additional economic burdens on the state by participating in the senatorial election even though they are members of the House of Representatives.

She noted that Liberians owe no one person votes for using tax payers’ monies to pave roads, paving roads, constructing market buildings

Madam Tandanpolie added that despite their condition, Liberians should resist from being induced either financially, or through the initiation of quick impact projects by politicians during this electioneering period.

“I am overwhelmed today for your presence in as much you were not coerced, seduced or manipulated. This is a sound of surety that comes December 8, we will have your fullest support. We have come not with millions of dollars to entice you, but we have come to tell you that together we can have a better Montserrado County and Liberia”.

“I want to admonish you today; do not lick the honey today and suffer for nine years. We are in the electioneering period and you will see the honey all over in all types and kinds. But, please be wise; do not compromise the interest of your children; do not compromise the future of your children; do not compromise our country for little or nothing. Don’t betray your conscious your compromise your integrity”.

She vowed to be a strong campaigner against issues affecting Liberians, especially women and girls when elected at the National Legislature.

“Gone are the days where women were marginalized or kept in the kitchen for decisions to be taken on our behalf. It is now time that Liberian women along with those progressive men stand up to close the gaps that have existed”.

Madam Tandanpolie called for the forging of stronger partner and the ascendancy of more women at the National Legislature if Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV), including rape is to be tackled and curtailed.

“We want you to support us to address those issues that affect not only Liberian women, but as Liberians holistically including rape, Today, our babies are being raped on a regular basis; we condemned it and if rape is to be adequately fought, we as Liberian women should have a voice at the level of the Senate”.

She maintained that Liberian women continue to linger behind due to the huge gaps between male and female at the Legislature.

Speaking further, Madam Tandanpolie underscored the need for the provision of adequate healthcare delivery to citizens in a bid to help reduce the high rate of maternal mortality and deaths as a result of malaria.

She promised to help ensure the finalization of a gender sensitive budget to address the poor health system in the country.

She called for investment in the agriculture in the agriculture sector of Liberia to avoid the country “being slave to other nations” across the world.

Madam Tandanpolie, however, cautioned citizens against voting on party lines, but encouraged them to cast their votes for potential candidates who will address issues affecting them promptly.

The senatorial bid of Madam Tandanpolie was endorsed by the Kissi Community and other youth and women groups for her consistent advocacy for the promotion and protection of citizens, mainly women and girls’ rights, and to continue to legacy of her late father at the level of the National Legislature.