Liberia: Sen. Dillon Flexes Business Class while on Lobbying Trip to the U.S.


Deciphering Senator Dillon’s Fundraising Trip to America

The Senator claimed his trip is intended to meet with diaspora supporters to raise funds to help in the fight against the contagious Coronavirus ravaging the country.

MONROVIA — Montserrado County Senator, Abe Darius Dillon, has arrived in the United States of America. But not on an economy class ticket.

In a post on his official Facebook account, the Monsterrado County lawmaker, showing his insensitivity and detachment from the plight of Liberians wailing from the rapid spread of COVID-19, showed himself in business class on a commercial airliner.

The Senator claimed his trip is intended to meet with diaspora supporters to raise funds to help in the fight against the contagious Coronavirus ravaging the country.

His post comes in the wake of a massive public condemnation over his receipt of US$15k as Legislative Engagement Fund. It also comes in the wake of further revelation from a fellow CPP lawmaker that the Montserrado County lawmaker on Capitol Hill received US$20k to offset loans they had taken a while back.

In an apparent shame as this was a far cry from his social media espoused values, the Montserrado County lawmaker tried to unsuccessfully to extricate himself from the embarrassing situation by declaring his share would be donated to the Liberia Agency for Community Empowerment.

And when LACE rebuffed his antics as it, according to a press statement issued by the agency, violated their statues, the Senator found himself straddling between many worlds – to keep or donate the money.

The decision landed to donate the money, or at least half of it – US$ 7,500 – to the Montserrado County Health Team. However, Health Minister Dr. Wilhelmina Jallah, has asked the County Health Officer of Montserrado to return the money.

All of this ties in to the glaring fact that the Senator no longer rides the expensive SUV bought for his deceased predecessor which he took receipt of amid a hail of criticism. Rather, he now rides in a more luxurious one worth well over US$70k.

And barely has all of these shortcomings that he continues to prove his ardent critics right on be shaken off his tail, the Senator has jetted off to Washington on a first class seat to raise funds to help in the fight against COVID-19, he claimed.

But what the Senator has apparently forgotten, as Henry Costa has shown when he raised money to fight and stave off a case brought against him in the United States, fundraising can be done online by a virtual wave of the hand.

The Montserrado County lawmaker -thanks to technology – could sit in the comfort of his office on Capitol Hill and raise thousand of dollars.

This would have saved him the copious amount splurged on a business class ticket which could have gone towards contributing to the fight against covid of which he seeks to be warrior forerunner. Furthermore, the money spent of flying first class, regardless of who purchased the ticket, could be added to and boost the fundraising efforts.

And, the energy wasted on being jetlagged from hours of flying could be used on a Jehovah Witness styled awareness cautioning Montserradians on the contagiousness off the Delta Variant.

That Senator Dillon would jet off while the country faces a health crisis of unprecedented proportions since the ebola outbreak, highlights the callous nature of the men and women on Capitol Hill elected to serve our interest.

In times of public crisis, they allot themselves astronomical sums of money to carry on acts of false magnanimity. And when they feel ill during times when hospitals are crying for lacks of beds and oxygen, they board first class and fly off to foreign capitals.

On what ground can our esteemed Senator now stand to criticize President Weah who is traveling to France reportedly with a 37 man delegation.

Sometimes we become what he hate in others, Nobel Laureate archbishop Desmond Tutu warned.

Of what use is a trip – whether to the Lincoln Monument in Washington or the Eiffel Tower in Paris – when your people are dropping like flies?

Hence we ask, what is the real reason behind our Senator’s trip Washington? To raise funds or to take his second dosage of the COVAX?

Sources alleged that the Montserrado County lawmaker received his first dosage of the vaccine during his rather brief trip to the States.

Little wonder then the Senator has been reticent when it comes to inspiring confidence amongst Liberians to take the vaccine.

How could he when his first shot was allegedly taken in America. Perhaps this was out of fear of the AstraZeneca’s vaccine which, according to experts and in some instances, can cause fatal blood clots.

But this is our Senator in who we are well pleased. He goes contrary to his values which got him elected to The Senate by riding roughshod over us.