Liberia: Rep. Thomas Fallah Appearing to Be the Sacred Cow Ahead of CDC Primaries


MONROVIA – In April 2019, Phil Tarpeh Dixon, currently the deputy minister of Labor for Manpower and Development and a member of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) believed he was the most suited to contest the Montserrado County Senatorial seat, but he was compelled to bury his ambition after the standard-bearer, President George Weah, expressed his preferment for a female candidate. Once again, the rumor of the President’s preferment is creeping into the pending senatorial election for Montserrado County.

During the press conference announcing the primaries, Mr. Mulbah Morlu, Chairman of the party said the party is willing and prepared to field candidates in all 15 counties but cautioned that every partisan desiring of contesting for elected positions on the CDC ticket in the December 8 special senatorial election must submit to a primary regardless of their status and position.

A lot has been amiss within the Coalition since the announcement of the primary. While some members of the Coalition believe holding primaries in counties where the Coalition already has an incumbent is unfair to the Coalition member already occupying the seat, others believe that the primary process has been designed to field a few persons of interest to the hierarchy of the CDC.

Chairman Morlu, FrontPageAfrica gathered, has been politically tactical in ensuring balance and keeping his quest to have a leveled plain field for all aspirants.

However, FrontPageAfrica, has been reliably hinted that the top hierarchy of the CDC including President George Weah, the standard-bearer has earmarked some individuals that must sail the primaries come what may. Amongst those earmarked, Rep. Thomas Fallah is tipped to challenge the incumbent in Montserrado County.

Though the CDC has continued to vehemently debunk this allegation, the recent exposé from the likes of Wolokollie and others preferring to remain unnamed is casting some light on the allegations.

The CDC is very keen on winning Montserrado County which has been its strongest hold since the formation of the party. Winning Montserrado County back from Liberty Party’s Darius Dillon is very crucial to the CDC’s performance in the 2013 presidential elections.

It Started with Acarous Gray

Way before Wolokollie could bring the CDC’s laundry to public, Rep. Moses Acarous Gray, according to information gathered by FrontPageAfrica, had tendered in his resignation as the party’s vice chairman for political affairs after his quest to face off with Senator Darius Dillon was rejected by the President and other top party officials.

Montserrado County District No. 5 Representative, Thomas Fallah, Assistant Gender Minister Mamensie Kabba, former Deputy Internal Affairs Minister Paulita Wie, who ran against Dillon last August, Rep. Munah Pelham Youngblood (Montserrado County, District No. 9), Professor Wilson Tarpeh, Minister of Commerce.

Hinting of his resignation on Facebook, Rep. Gray posted: “It was a thoughtful and prayerful decision which has been voiced out months ago as we were requested to fill in the gap for a stipulated time. My task has far been accomplished and my voluntary choice to step aside has nothing to do with any election because no single person can halt the desire of others to participate in a primary. We shall remain a vibrant voice and force in the body politics of our country as we trek a path of gratitude and intensity.”

Rep. Gray later came to clarify that his resignation from his post was not due to his quest to contest rather to give way to others in the party to ascend to the helm of leadership.

Interestingly, he said his resignation letter which he shared in one of their chatrooms was leaked by one of the top hierarchies in the chatroom.

 Jamima Wolokollie Exposé

Wolokollie, who was recently expelled from the CDC, said her pursuit for the Montserrado County senatorial suit on the ticket of the CDC was because she wanted to bring a new order to how the CDC governs.

“If I become Senator, there will be a difference in people’s lives. But right now, people are only greedy, accumulative and spending the money within the close proximity of where they live… I am part of the party but I have different vision for this Country,” she said during an interview on SKY FM in Monrovia.

She said previous primaries within the party had marred by fraud and lack of transparency.

She said: “This process has not been transparent from the side of the CDC and I stand by my words. But they will choose me because I am bringing out all the ills that have happened in the party. It is just right to do that. People in Liberia are known for not correcting the wrongs, so when something happened they will say just leave it. It is wrong and we must correct the wrong go move forward. But if we keep doing the same things over and over we are going to get the same results over and over.”

She at the time noted that there’s the need to liberate the party from certain individuals who have hijacked the party and running its affairs as their personal property.

“This time around we will not allow certain individuals to hijack the party and just carry on all they want to do. How can a few individuals – four or five persons – hijack the party and just do what they feel like doing?” she asked rhetorically.”

“It is wrong. And when you talk, they sent people to curse at you on Facebook. They send people on the radio to curse at you and say negative things about you that are not true.”

Rep. Thomas Fallah In The Mix

Wolokollie didn’t limit her allegations to the party but on to accuse her then fellow partisan and aspirant, Rep. Fallah – rumored to be the President’s chosen, of distributing motorbikes on the county to deceive “poor voters”.

It wasn’t long after that when it was reported on OK FM that the Rep. Fallah and Montserrado County Senator had met with some ex-combatants to strategize how they could help Rep. Fallah in winning the senatorial seat from Sen. Dillon.

According to OK FM, their reporter who sneaked into the closed-door meeting reported that Senator Joseph who spoke on Rep. Fallah’s behalf informed the former rebels that they were in a campaign mood to ensure that Senator Darius Dillon be defeated in the December midterm senatorial elections.

Upon hearing of the report on OK FM, Senator Dillon reacted by expressing his disappointment in the two lawmakers.

He posted to Facebook:

Sen. Saah Joseph, we are watching you; God is watching even more!

Your reported meeting today with some notorious ex-generals of Liberia’s civil conflict, accompanied by Rep. Thomas Fallah relative to the upcoming Senatorial election has been exposed by OK FM 99.5 and other news outlets.

We have been credibly informed about the discussions and the amount you dished to them. I am shocked, but not disappoint tho! I am shocked only because I did not expect you would allow yourself to go at such length.

But trust me, God is in control, and “no weapon fashioned against (me) shall prosper”, according to God’s will and purpose. Still love you as a brother and Colleague!!

Thomas Fallah, Saah Joseph Respond

Speaking with FrontPageAfrica via a telephone interview, Rep. Fallah said he was invited to the meeting called by his colleague Senator Saah Joseph of Montserrado County.

The Meeting, according to him, was held on Benson Street in the building that once housed the defense ministry to listen to aggrieved ex-rebels who complained of not being recognize and threatened to stage a protest if their grievances were not addressed.

“How can a meeting held in broad-day light on Benson Street be a secret meeting? In fact, we didn’t have the meeting we only did introduction and agreed to reschedule the meeting because the place was congested.

“People believe that because the society is gullible so they can go around and lie. The ex-rebels say they haven’t received their benefits, they want to stage a protest if they cannot get redress. The meeting will be tomorrow because that was the plan,” Rep. Fallah said.