Liberia: Rep. J. Nagbe Sloh Finally Buried amid Out-of-Court Settlement Following Squabble over His Body

Saturday’s funeral at the First Assembly of God Church on Buchanan Street was graced by top government officials including President George Weah, House Speaker Bhofal Chambers, President Pro Tempore of the Senate Albert Chie and families of the deceased.

Monrovia – Representative Jaybloh Nagbe Sloh of Sinoe County’s Second Electoral District has finally been buried at a cemetery in Brewerville after an out-of-court settlement between two women who had earlier claimed to be legally wedded wives of the deceased.

Rep. Sloh died on June 30, 2020 at the John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital after a brief illness. But funeral activities was delayed due to a writ of injunction filed by his widow, Mrs. Ruth D. Sloh before Judge Kennedy Peabody of the Sixth Judicial Circuit Court, restraining Kau Kidan Boyoe and accomplices from proceeding with funeral activities over the remains of the fallen lawmaker until the court declares who the legitimate widow is.

In her petition, Madam Sloh, who resides in the United States of America, acting through her Attorney-In-Fact, Nyenswah Sloh, said that Kau Kidan was a fiancée of her late husband and has been presenting herself as the widow, interacting with the House of Representatives and other government functionaries concerning the funeral activities of her late husband.

Mrs. Sloh, serving as the movant said that Kidan, the respondent has also been embarking on other important family functions that are ascribed to her (Ruth Sloh), much at her detriment and disadvantage.

According to report, the out-of-court settlement was reached following fruitful negotiations that led Madam Boyoe, who is said to be the mother of two of Rep. Sloh’s children to reluctantly abandon the challenge to the writ of injunction.

Rep. Sloh’s coffin is being carried by uniformed military pallbearers slowly and silently into the Rotunda of the Capitol as members of the 54th Legislature lined the pavement to usher in their colleague for the last time.

Saturday’s funeral at the First Assembly of God Church on Buchanan Street was graced by top government officials including President George Weah, House Speaker Bhofal Chambers and President Pro Tempore and families of the deceased.

In his sermon, the Reverend Dr. Edwin Gbelly called on government officials to work in the interest of the people they serve.

President Weah, who sat quietly throughout the service on Saturday had earlier described Rep Sloh as an astute lawmaker who will be missed by not only his colleagues and family but also the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change of which he was a member.

Speaker Chambers, eulogizing the man who was constantly at loggerhead with him, said the fallen lawmaker was bold, resourceful and an unbending advocate.

A highlight of the service came when the deceased’s widow, Mrs. Sloh, flanked by her children spoke via a video call from the United States. Mrs. Sloh said he was a loving husband and father and a courageous soldier who fought until his death.

Although members of the Independent Legislative Caucus (ILC) of which Rep. Sloh was a member were not included in the program, they forced their way up to the podium and gave a daring tribute delivered by Rep. Francis Saidy Dopoh (District #3, River Gee County).

The ILC vowed to continue their robust advocacy in restoring sanctity to the House of Representatives.

Rep. Sloh’s burial on Saturday climaxed a four-day events of remembrances that began with the signing of the book of condolence and followed by the lying in state of the body in the rotunda of the Capitol on Friday.

The proceedings at the Capitol began on a somber note as Rep. Sloh’s coffin was removed from a black hearse by uniformed military pallbearers and was carried, slowly and silently into the Rotunda while members of the 54th Legislature lined the pavement of the Capitol Building to usher in their colleague for the last time.

The late Jaybloh Nagbe Sloh who was affectionately called ‘Town Chief’ was born on September 9, 1964 in Sayblerla Town, Jadepo District, Sinoe County.

During his time at the Legislature, he served as Chairman on the House Committee on Information, Broadcasting, Cultural Affairs and Tourism and Co-chaired on the Committee on Human and Civil rights.

Prior to his election as Representative, he served as Director-General of the Liberian News Agency during the administration of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. He also worked for reputable media institutions including the Daily Observer Newspaper in the 1980s.