Liberia: Police Crackdown on Notorious Armed Group


Monrovia – The Liberia National Police (LNP) has made a successful crackdown on Paynesville’s most notorious gang group named and styled “Kubah” with the slogan “Gbelleh by face, Kubah by heart”.

The arrest was made last Thursday following series of complaints to the LNP about the gang group continuous harassment of peaceful. 

The group has been operating in Paynesville, specifically in Duport Road and GSA Communities.

However, speaking at a press conference in Monrovia at the Headquarters of the LNP, Police spokesman, Moses Carter said in a month’s time, the LNP received series of complaints through written accounts and radio information about the  gang group (Kubah) harassment of peaceful citizens.

“The latest victims are: A famous Liberian Comedian, Paul Flomo, was assaulted and armed robbed on December 18, 2020 in Duport Road during the night hours.”

Carter adds: “Also, Emmanuel D.C. Freeman home was attacked, looted and burnt down on the 14th of December 2020 in the Marshall Community, Margibi County, while Daniel Davies alias “DMX”, a resident of Monrovia was attacked and severely assaulted under his throat while in a local bar in Duport Road during the early morning hours of Tuesday, January 6,2021.”

Moses Carter further revealed that during the raid, three single barrel guns, several membership forms, and head ties with the group logo along with four single barrel gun shots were recovered.

“We are now doing everything possible to locate those identified by photos and names on the said mentioned forms for investigative questioning,” Carter added.

Carter further told reporters that investigation conducted establish that members of the gang group (Kubah) avail themselves to be hired for any form of criminality or criminal acts to settle scores with people who are in beef or confusion.

However, responding to a question on whether the police investigation established any sponsorship link to the group, Carter replied: ” we have not established any sponsorship link to the group for now but we are still investigating the group.”

However, the LNP has charged those (members) arrested of the gang group with multiple offenses, pending court trial.

“In view of these circumstances and attacks on peaceful citizens, the Liberia National Police has charged ‘Azonto’ and his gangs with multiple charges ranging from arson, criminal attempt to commit murder, armed robbery, and illegal possession of firearm,” he said.

Meanwhile, Moses Carter also said one of its officer identified as Arnold Dixon has been subjected to investigation at the Professional Standard Division of the LNP for failure to act as law enforcement officer during the gang group leader, “Azonto” attack on one of the victims, Daniel Davies.

“The LNP wishes to also inform the public that one of its officers in person of Arnold Dixon was on the scene when Daniel Davies was physically assaulted by the group head, “Azonto”, but the officer did not act as law enforcer.” 

Carter added: “Meanwhile, officer Dixon has been subjected to probe. The public is urged to report to the LNP any gang group operating in the confines of the Republic of Liberia.”