Liberia: Police Arrest, Detain Two Suspects Linked To Qnet International Alleged Human Trafficking


Monrovia – The Liberia National Police has arrested and detained two additional operatives of Qnet International who are linked to the trafficking of over 15 teenagers and young adults into the country.

Suspects Abu Kamara and Sheriff Gavi were arrested and detained by officers of the Zone 3 Depot in Congo Town on Thursday, June 23, 2020.

On Wednesday, the police raided compounds and offices operated by agents of Qnet International here in Liberia.

The arrest team was headed by Chief Inspector William P. Saye, OPS-3, Chief Inspector Emmanuel Gruasie-CSD Commander-Zone5 and Inspector Ayo Teddy Dioud-Deputy CSD Commander Zone 3, Congo Town.

The raid and arrest of officials of the organization comes after FrontPageAfrica reported on Tuesday, July 21, that the institution (Qnet International) is allegedly involved in trafficking of young teenagers and adults between the ages of 14-30, under the guise of providing job, scholarships, travelling, business opportunities, among others, here in Liberia. Those brought into Liberia are from neighboring Guinea, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, Mali.

Suspect Abu Kamara was kept in detention while Sheriff Gavi was released to his lawyer.

It is alleged by the victims that Abu Kamara was the one who collected their monies and some phones. While it is also established that Sheriff Gavi is head of Qnet International in Liberia.

According to Chief Inspector Emmanuel Gruasie, Crime Services Division Commander at the Zone, suspect Gavi was released because there is no evidence to directly link him to the allegation, but he is still undergoing investigation.

Speaking to FrontPageAfrica prior to his detention, suspect Kamara said the allegation levelled against him is false and misleading.

“I don’t know about that. I didn’t take money from anyone and I didn’t bring anyone in this country. Someone else brought them and the person left them here and went. So, I am not the one who bring them here,” Kamara explained.

Responding to a question about how he knew the person who brought them to Liberia had absconded, he said, “Because we work together. The person – Monde Konneh – that brought them here and I were working as a team.”

“I went for them in Duala because my friend that sent them here only told me that “look for room my children, who are am coming to you. Go and pick them up and put them somewhere I will be back.”

He added, “He (Konneh) told me the children were coming to work, to do business. Network marketing business with Qnet International.”

According to Kamara, his accomplice who brought the children to Liberia is currently in Guinea.

“I can help the police to arrest the man if it is possible because the man is not in Liberia here, he’s in Guinea now,” Kamara said.