Liberia: ‘Passenger 57’ Busted After Attempting to Rob Woman Just From Bank


Monrovia – A famous adage: “99 days for rogues, one day for master,” became visible on Monday, June 25, around the Ministry of Education on 2nd Street in Sinkor when a group of robbers were nabbed by ordinary citizens.

Report by Henry Karmo, [email protected]

“Passengers 57,” as they are notoriously known, fell into the web of citizens when they attempted robbing a lady, who had gone to one of the local banks in Monrovia. According to eyewitnesses, the robbers followed the lady, whose name we haven’t been able to get, when she was leaving the bank after doing her banking transactions.

The robbers, who usually use a vehicle to commit their illegal act, posted as a transport vehicle and waited for the lady to leave the bank. In search of a vehicle to return to his destination, she entered the vehicle, which already had four passengers on board, including the driver and a young lady. It is said usually all of those already on board are all part of the criminal ring that robs the unsuspecting passenger of his/her valuables and that person out of the moving car.

According to the narration by eyewitnesses, midway in their movement, the robbers attempted throwing the lady out of the moving vehicle after they had been successful in taking away her bag containing a wallet of valuables (money) and her passport.

“We saw the lady fighting them; we saw the car moving with its doors open so we got concerned and decided to follow because these things have been happening,” one of the eyewitnesses said.

“When they noticed we were following them, they took the route leading to the avenue, but we still followed them and on 16th Street they dropped off one of the robbers, who had the stolen items. But we followed the vehicle and forced them to come back on the main Tubman Boulevard. There others got interested and trying to escape, the driver ramped into the back of a moving Nissan 4 Runner Toyota SUV.

Police officers on the accident scene refused to speak to reporters. However, one of the officers, who asked not to be named, said the occupants of the “passenger 57” vehicle got injured as a result of the accident, and they were taken to the John F. Kennedy Medical Center, along with lady whom they had attempted to rob.