Liberia: Nine-Month-Old Child Unable to Sit or Lay on the Back Due to Growth on the Buttocks; Caretaker Pleads for Assistance to Perform Surgery


Buchanan, Grand Bassa – Life is becoming very unbearable for nine months old little Blessed Jones who can’t sit or lay on her back due to unknown sickness that needs surgery.

Little Blessed Jones and her sister are twins who lost their mother while giving birth to them at the Liberian Government Hospital in Buchanan in 2020.

According to Decontee Jones, care taker of the kids, little Blessed Jones can’t sit because of an unknown sickness she was born with that needs surgery.

She said “this thing can really hurt this little child because whole day she can be crying, wanting to sit down but no way for her.”

The care taker told reporters that they visited serval health centers including the ELWA Hospital in Monrovia but the lack of financial support has been a major challenge for them.

She mentioned “We were asked to pay US$1,200.00 for the surgery but the child’s mother is dead and myself as their aunty can’t afford said amount.”

“Anytime I see Blessed crying myself can start crying; imagine how my little sister would have felt if she was alive to see one of her kids like this”.

Decontee Jones lamented that her only hope for the kid is God, adding that her prayer is for God to speak to a humanitarian to help the child.

“I have come to beg everyone to pity the condition of little Blessed Jones and help because her life is miserable”.

Little Blessed Jones and her aunty are currently residing at the Monrovia Junction in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County.

They can be reached at +231 (0) 776969663. Our Correspondent can also be reached at +231 (0) 777332493.