Liberia: National Port Authority Reacts to Allegation of Bill Twehway’s Involvement in Internal Audit Director’s Death

Malcom Scott disclosed that it was Mr. Twehway’s regime that discovered Costa’s name on the payroll and decided to clean it up.

MONROVIA – Mr. Malcom Scott, the Communications Director of the National Port Authority (NPA) has termed as “trash” and untrue claims that the Managing Director of the NPA, Mr. Bill Twehway is linked to the death of Emmanuel Barten Nyaswa, former head of the Internal Audit Agency (IAA), who was found dead at his 72nd Boulevard residence.

Reacting to talk show host, Henry P. Costa’s allegation that Mr. Twehway allegedly hired head of the NPA Security, Mr. Logan Davies and others to murder Mr. Nyenswa who was reportedly auditing the NPA. Mr. Costa insinuated that the audit was damaging on Mr. Twehway, but Scott said the allegation is a bold face lie.

Mr. Scott told reporters on Wednesday at the NPA headquarters that it is ridiculous to think that Mr. Twehway who has not killed a fly before would be linked to the killing of the former IAA boss.

Scott alleged that Costa is raging a personal war on the NPA’s Managing Director because his (Costa) name was removed from NPA payroll where he was being paid US$5000 monthly as a consultant to the Port Management.

He disclosed that it was Mr. Twehway’s regime that discovered Costa’s name on the payroll and decided to clean it up.

“We are not giving Costa credence but due to the gravity of the allegation levied against our boss we just have to respond and clear the air, especially our gullible society we have,” he clarified. 

Malcolm historicized that all of the previous allegations levied against the NPA by Costa to include the sinking vessels episode, the claimed pick up deal and the alleged arrest of Mr. Tweahway were all discovered and true.

Currently, he told reporters that Logan and his colleague who Costa alleged carried out the murder on the the order of NPA’s Managing Director are now holding consultations with their lawyers to ensure they notify the U.S. government of the matter, especially coming a man claim to be in a safe haven and causing trouble and tarnishing people’s hard-earned reputations back his home, Liberia.

Malcolm who branded Costa as a “liar-in-chief” also challenged him to provide further details on his allegations and evidence linking Mr. Twehway to Mr. Nyenswa’s death.

Meanwhile, investigation of the death of Mr. Nyenswa is said to be in the making as many have so far called for the conduct of an independent autopsy in order to know the actual cause of death of the former senior government official.