Liberia: Mother of Rape Victim Alleges There Are More Suspects

One of the alleged rapists being taken back to prison

Monrovia – Cameil Moore, the mother of 15-year old Vivian Wright, who was allegedly raped to death and her  body found in New Georgia, claims that the current suspect being investigated by Police did not commit the crime alone.

Bettie K. Johnson-Mbayo, [email protected]

In an exclusive interview  FPA, Moore said she is not satisfied with the lone suspect that will be trial on the charge of murder.

“I am still not satisfied until he can explain in open court how it really happened, I really don’t believe that he is the only one who raped my daughter,” she said

She recalled that on the morning her daughter body was discovered, she saw the deceased  sandal and bag in her yard.

“How did he (suspect) know my house when he is a stranger in this area, he was only hired on Wednesday, and the incident occurred Friday morning. How he got to know my yard to bring her sandal and bag?

“There are still people who I think have a link to this case and the only person that can explain is the suspect,” she said.

On Tuesday, the police sent to court Saah Joseph, 21, on the charge of murder and the charge sheet stated that he “strangulating Vivian while attempting to have sexual intercourse with her”.

During the investigation, the police established that the deceased was gruesomely murdered by the suspect.

Police said the victim was also seen with a man identified as Samuel Johnson, a Nigerian national who her mother had warned to stay away from her.

Samuel was later questioned but was not linked to the incident.

The investigation further revealed that the police found traceable evidence such as hair fibers and blood substance found on the fence, extended the crime scene from out of the fence.

The compound is owned by George Brown, who is presently in the United States and it’s being taken-care-of by Alfred and Helen Thonkolie. The pair was also questioned by police.

The report shows that two males slept on the compound on the night of the incident, December 13, 2018. They were Alfred and Joseph, the steel bender who fled the scene after the incident.

Investigators intercepted him on December 21, 2018, after a tip-off given to the Roberts International Airport police detachment.

Joseph had previously told investigators that Thonkolie was the suspect because he had possession of the keys for all the gate during late night hours.

Defendant Joseph narrated that while downstairs in the restroom, he noticed Thonkolie coming down with the helpless victim on his shoulder and they both threw the body out of the fence after he (Joseph) was threatened by Thonkolie not to say anything.

He told investigators that Thonkolie asked him to escape from the compound when the police arrived.

When questioned, Thonkolie confirmed that he locked the gates at 2130hrs (9:30 pm local time) and he and his family went to bed in the apartment downstairs and did not come out the whole night.

According to Thonkolie, either someone was trying to dump the body in the fence, or defendant Joseph might have brought people in the fence to carry out the act.

It was established that when defendant Joseph was detained in the police holding cell on January 1, 2019, he confided in two of his kinsmen in their vernacular, who were detained on different charges, saying that the pastor he accused, did not know anything about the victim’s death.

He was immediately brought from the cell and questioned by investigators, which time he explained that December 13, 2018, he left the compound around 11-12PM, after he noticed that the key given him for the steel door upstairs could open the main gate to the compound from inside.

He opened the main gate and accordingly went to club 88 on the New Georgia road where he met the victim and contacted her to sleep with him for US$20.00 which they agreed upon.

They both rode a motorbike to the compound where he had intercourse with her for the first time and attempted a second, but the deceased refused, which resulted in a tussle.

While tussling on the bed, she bite defendant Joseph on his right side, below his breast and he grabbed her neck and began to strangle her until she went unconscious while he continued raping her both in the vagina and anus.

Having realized the victim was motionless, he brought her unconscious body downstairs toward the fence, put her on his shoulder, climbed on a plank that was laying against the wall and threw her body out of the fence along with her clothes.

Police findings confirmed that the deceased other belongings were dumped in her mother’s yard and where her body was discovered was not the primary crime scene. It was in the fence where stain of blood was discovered.

Defendant Joseph did not only escape the scene but also took his family and all his belongings and fled to Margibi County, where he was later arrested.

Police said he carried the criminal act alone and there is no evidence linking Thonkolie or Johnson to the commission of the crime.

Defendant Joseph voluntarily admitted to the act which violates chapter 14, subchapter 14.1 of the new penal code of Liberia, pending court trial.