Liberia: Mass Failure in UL Entrance Exam Shows ‘Poor Education System’; 6,852 Flopped


Capitol Hill, Monrovia – University of Liberia has released results for its first Entrance and Placement Exam, showing mass failure of 6,852 applicants.

In presenting the results to the Faculty Senate, the Executive Director of the UL Testing & Evaluation Center Asst. Prof. Moses S.E. Hinneh, Jr. encouraged the Government of Liberia to take ownership of the ‘poor education system’ of Liberia.

Professor Hinneh said government should increase its capacity to accommodate more students in order to complement the efforts being made by private providers of education in the country.

“This year, only 189 or 18.19% of the candidates that passed the entrance exam are from public schools,” Executive Director Hinneh lamented. “But 481 or 46.29% are from private schools, 349 or 33.59% are from faith-based schools, 12 or 1.15% are from the company schools and 8 or 0.77% are from the community schools.”

According to a release from the University of Liberia, out of 7,891 undergraduate applicants, a total of 912 candidates passed regularly amounting to (11.56%), while 127 candidates passed provisionally, amounting to (1.61%) when the scores were tabulated.

“Based on the results, the UL Faculty Senate on Thursday, May 23, 2019, approved three categories that included Regular Pass, Provisional Pass and Unsuccessful to determine admission and non-admission to the UL,” the communication signed by UL Vice President for Public Relations Norris Tweah said.

“To be in the Regular Pass category, candidates must have scored at least 50% in Mathematics and at least 50% in English. A total of 912 candidates met this threshold and are now qualified for admission to the UL.”

Based on the approval, the release continued, candidates who passed regularly may register for up to 18 credit-hours during their first semester in a college of the UL.

At the same time, the UL Faculty Senate also agreed that to qualify for the Provisional Pass category, candidates must have obtained an average score of at least 50% when their Mathematics and English scores are combined.

Accordingly, the total of 127 candidates who met this threshold have been also qualified for provisional admission at the UL.

“Candidates who passed provisionally are restricted to register for no more than 13 credit-hours during their first semester in a college at the UL, and those credit hours must include Freshman Mathematics (101) or (107) and Freshman English (101),” the release added.

Similarly, the results for Medical School and Graduate School were also approved by the Faculty Senate.

A total of 101 candidates sat the Aptitude Test for the Medical School. Fourteen (14) candidates or (13.86%) were successful and are now qualified for the next phase in the admission process, while 87 candidates or (86.14 %) were unsuccessful.

The results for the Graduate School show that of the 415 candidates who sat the test, 206 candidates or (49.64%) were successful and are now qualified for the next phase in the admission process, while 209 candidates (50.36%) were unsuccessful.

Meanwhile, the University of Liberia said it will announce, later, the dates for the second Entrance and Placement Exam for all undergraduate colleges as well as for the second Aptitude Test for the Graduate and Professional Schools.

Unsuccessful candidates are still eligible to register for the second exam and aptitude test. 

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