Liberia: Maryland Court Remands Man, 30, for Allegedly Sodomizing 13-year-old


HARPER, Maryland – A magistrate court sitting in Harper, Maryland County has charged and sent to jail a 30-year-old man for allegedly sodomizing a 13-year-old boy.

The defendant, Edwin D.Knight, was charged for sexually assaulting the victim.

According to the county coordinator of the Independent Commission On Human Rights( INCHR), Boniface Nyema, on September 17, Knight, who has a retail shop in the community, lured the victim into  his room by 8pm after the victim had gone to buy. 

“When he got to the shop, Knight, commonly known as Adebayor asked the boy to come behind the counter and later took him in his room and reportedly committed the act,” Nyema said.

“After committing the act Knight told the victim he would die if he told anyone. And the boy kept it to himself out of fear.”

Nyemah explained that few days later, the victim began to experience pain in his stomach and immediately informed his grandmother. The victim broke his silence to his grandmother and accused Knight of sodomizing him. 

The matter was later reported to the Women and Children Protection Section (WACPS) of the Liberia National Police headquarters in the county.

Knight was arrested on September 24 by the LNP Maryland detachment after preliminary investigations before he was charged with sexual assault on September 28.

The police later sent Knight to court with medical reports, Nyemah said.

Nyema said The Independent Commission on Human Rights in the county is doing everything possible to ensure the victim is accorded the needed justice.