Liberia: Man, 76, Allegedly Strangulates Colleague to Death in Mosque


KAKATA, Margibi County – The Liberian National Police on Monday arrested and detained a 76-year-old man for allegedly killing his Muslim brother in a local mosque.

The incident is said to have occurred at the  Lango Town Community Mosque in Kakata, Margibi County.

According to an eyewitness, suspect Suleiman Kemokai, a muezzin (caretaker) at the mosque just moment after the conduct of the early morning prayers, reportedly requested the deceased and his wife who are also caretakers at the Islamic worship center to leave because he wanted to lock the building’s (mosque) doors.

Eyewitness Joe Mason quoting the victim’s wife explained that she and her late husband refused to adhere to the demands of the suspect.

Mason further quoting the deceased wife said it was at that point a scuffle ensued between the suspect and his 70-year-old victim (Mohammed Bondo).

“When the fight started it was when the deceased wife hurriedly came to me outside the mosque and informed me that suspect Kemokai was beating on her husband and needed my intervention”, Mason said.

He explained that when he entered the mosque to part the two men, he reportedly saw suspect Suliemani Kemokai using his fist to punch the face of the deceased as foam oozed from his month.

At the same time, the victim was rushed to a local health center in Kakata where he was pronounced dead upon arrival by doctors.

Suspect Suliemani Kemokai was, however, apprehended by community dwellers and turned over to the Margibi Detachment of the Liberian National Police.