Liberia: Man, 28, Meets Untimely Death as Suspects Still at Large


GOLD CAMP, GRAND CAPE MOUNT COUNTY – Residents of Gold Camp, Grand Cape Mount County in Gola Konneh District, late Monday afternoon woke up to astonishing news of the death of a 28-year-old man, identified as (Daddy boy), whose body was discovered in his room lying cold blooded with deep wound in his left chest.

Report by y Alonzo N. Perry, Contributor

According to residents in the area, the deceased was always helpful and a well-known community soccer player who hailed from the Sinkor belt in Montserrado County.

“He was here, hoping to work with the gold mining company (Bea Mountain a resident of the area said.

Elijah Gonda (not real name), a resident of the house where the body was found, explained that (Daddy boy) usually goes to bed very late.

“He was warned several times but wouldn’t listen. Sometimes he comes home between 1 am, 2am and 3am; for this reason, doors were kept opened till the next day in order to avoid disturbance. However, he was not a bad boy but the friends he was moving with were not too good for him.”

He explained that as usual, the deceased stayed up very late Sunday night.

Unconfirmed reports say Daddy boy was brutally murdered by a suspect identified as ‘Ansu’ – a diver and ‘CIC’ a bike rider of the same community as both are said to be currently on the run.

During the night while the victim was out clubbing with friends, he encountered a bitter argument with the alleged perpetrator (Ansu) which led to a fist fight. Ansu was reportedly beaten during the fight but threatened to pay back.

An eye witnesses (name withheld) said the perpetrators were both longing to find the residence of the deceased that entire night after the fight, between the hours of 12:00 am to 1 am, Monday morning.

“Ansu and Daddy boy were long time arch rivals. Two of them were loving to the same girl before and have had confusion about this. So, last night Ansu was beating on one other girl in the club and Daddy boy tried stopping him, saying ‘Beating on women is not a good thing to do but Ansu said ‘So you want take this girl like you took the other girl from me again?” explained the eye witness.

Police in the area have launched a hunt for the suspects.