Liberia: Legislature Yet to Consider Precautionary Health Measures at Capitol


CAPITOL HILL – Even as health authorities report a first case COVID-19 in Liberia, the premises of the Legislature is still without handwashing buckets and containers despite, a basic preventive measure.

 In his national address, President George Weah advised the public and private business places to take precautionary measures which include washing of hands and avoid handshaking but visitors to the premises of the Capitol Building access the building without going any such health protocol.

“This is scaring and disappointing that as big as this legislature is there is no hand washing bucket for visitors and employees,” a staff said to FrontPageAfrica.

Because of the absence of these buckets and containers at entries of the Capitol, visitors, and staff have been urged to use a single entry to access the building.

All efforts to contact both chairs of the House of Representatives and Senate Committees on Rules order and Administration as to why the lawmakers were dragging their feet on providing hand washing buckets for the Capitol didn’t materialize

Meanwhile, at the doors of the Pro-Tempore ‘s office there is a hand washing bucket for people going in and out of the office.

Parts of the many preventive measures provided by President Weah include; a strong focus on hygiene from every individual and organization, hand washing, the use of hand sanitizers, refraining from shaking hands, reducing staff at workplaces, temporarily shutting down of schools, among others.