Liberia: Legislature ‘Fails’ on ‘Missing’ Billions Investigation


MONROVIA – It was a general belief in the public that one of the major reasons why members of the Legislature called themselves back to the special ordinary session was to among many national issues investigate the alleged missing L$16 billion banknotes. 

Report by Henry Karmo, [email protected]

But that is just not the case as the Legislature ended their one-month extra sitting without achieving what the public had taught.

On Tuesday, December 4, Senate Pro-Tempore Albert Chie told journalists that the Legislature, specifically the Senate, was not able to reach a logical conclusion as it relates to the investigation in the alleged money saga.

He disclosed that they have resolved to rely on findings from the Special Presidential Investigative Team.

“We realized that we had to deal with tons of documents and we could not realize all we wanted to in just a month,” the Pro-Tempore added. 

Legislative critics might see this as a complete disservice to taxpayers especially after it was reported that each member of the Legislature received US$10,000 for returning. They, however, denied receiving such money and claimed that money received was legal.

Despite their failure, the Senate Pro-Tempore said, they (the Senate) made some achievements, including inviting the Economic management Team, where many hearings were held and concerns from individual’s senators were raised on the state of the economy and what happened in the alleged missing money saga.

“Before it was a general perspective or believe that 16 billion went missing but when the Finance Minister appeared he said, money could be missing but not 16 billion and that was some of the achievements and we will wait until the investigations are concluded.”

Ja’neh has been invited

Commenting on the impeachment proceedings, Pro-Temp Chie said, the Senate has summoned the Supreme Court bench member. He clarified that there is no prohibition placed on the process as a result of a lawsuit filed by four members of the Senate against the amendment of Rule 63 of the Senate standing rules.

 The Supreme Court’s held hearing into the complaint filed by the four senators and the court is yet to set a date for ruling into the matter. 

From all indications if there is any action to be taken on Ja’neh impeachment it will be 2019 as the Senate has finally closed its extra ordinary sitting, according to our reporter, who covers and reports on happenings at the Legislature

In a related Senate news, the Liberian Senate Tuesday concurred with the House of Representatives on an act to name Bali Island and the Mahatma Gandhi Convention center. The bill sets the site aside for the construction of the convention center by the Liberia government and it is to be named and style as that.