Liberia: Justice Minister Orders Opposition Official Mo Ali Released


Monrovia – Justice Minister Frank Musah Dean has ordered with immediate effect the release of Mr. Mo Ali, Secretary General of the opposition Unity Party, one of four parties making up to Collaborating Political Parties.

“Until the evidence, when produced, is reviewed and a determination made by the Attorney General, the LNP is ordered to release Mr. Ali,” Minister told FrontPageAfrica moments ago.

The minister said: “Consistent with section 22.2 (b) of the New Executive Law, which requires the Minister of Justice to “institute all legal proceedings necessary for law enforcement”, the Minister of Justice has, today, March 25, 2021 called on the Liberia National Police to produce the proper evidence to support charges levied against Mr. Mo Ali. Mr. Ali is reportedly charged with terrorism, Criminal Attempt to Commit Murder, Arson and Terrorist Threat.

Mr. Ali has been undergoing police investigation over two Facebook posts which the police believe could be linked to the arson attacks on the home of Associate Justice Joseph Nagbe and the headquarters of the National Elections Commission.

On March 1, Ali posted to Facebook: “Dear National Elections Commission (NEC), we understand the ploy. But try it and you will see what is gonna be the end result”.

Upon attending to the police invitation on Monday after being declared a wanted man by the police due to his failure to have appeared last Friday, the police introduced another Facebook post made on March 4 in which states: “I don’t believe in the integrity of the Supreme Court. Most of the justices there have been corrupted. Justice Nagbe is a hardcore tribalist.”

The police ordered him arrested on