Liberia: “Jetty” to Supply Monrovia Central Prison with Running Water; Donates Mattresses to Inmates


Monrovia – Former India Honorary Console General, Upjit Singh, commonly known as Jetty, is poised to address a prolonged major necessity of life at the Monrovia Central Prison, following his pronouncement to ensure the supply of Pipe borne waster to all barracks within the facility.

Singh has committed to ensuring that water is supplied at the facility, before November this year.

‘I commit here today, that Jetty Trading Corporation will do its best to restore water to all the facilities that are here. I assured you that before I come for the delivery of next month’s supply of food, that water system will be restored because water is life and I will do my best,” Jetty averred Wednesday, October 20.

South Beach, as the Monrovia Central Prison is commonly called, has five barracks and other facilities that have been in dying need of water supply for years, this prompted the Superintendent of the Facility, Varney G. Lake to make an urgent call for Jetty’s intervention.

Superintendent Lake had previously stated that problems confronting the facility are enormous, but government alone cannot do all.

According to Sing, Lake had earlier informed Jetty Trading Corporation of the need to help them with water supply, which he also sees as important for those serving prison sentences at the prison facility, on grounds that all the five barracks and other facilities lack water supply.

In his goodwill gesture Wednesday, October 20, Mr. Singh noted that his move supports scriptural references that call for freely giving to the needy.

“The scripture says, better is the hands that giveth, again as part of our commitment, which we have been doing for several months, we have come here again, with not only nutritional meals, but we have also brought mattresses, buckets, and beds for use by the Monrovia Central Prison,” Mr. Sing noted.

The items supplied on Wednesday include 100 pieces of mattresses, 75 buckets, 75 Jars, along with water gallon and a cooked meal.

Sing also dispelled rumors that he is being allegedly funded from outside sources, carried out the initiative.

He believes, prisoners are a part the society, and must also receive love and affection, despite that status.

Sing emphasized the need for others who are e potential to emulate his gesture.

He said: “It is personal funding from Jetty Corporation and I believe, prisoners are here for the sentences of crimes committed, so they should get affectionate love for all of us.”

 “I also believe, we should go to set an example for others to follow.”

He urged his fellow business compatriots to do the same as a way of supporting efforts by the government, in helping to take care of the Monrovia Central Prison.

Receiving the items, Monrovia Central Prison Superintendent Lake lauded Mr. Sing for always coming to the need of the Prison Center, noting that the move to ensure a constant water supply at the facility will be a boast to government efforts to keep it running.

“On behalf of the Bureau of Correction headed by the Assistant Minister for Correction and Rehabilitation, the workforce at the Monrovia Central Prison give thanks to the Jetty Trading Incorporation, form the gesture,” Superintendent Lake noted.

He described Jetty Trading Corporation as a partner to the Bureau of Corrections, owing from the direct benefits the facility always receives from Jetty’s routine operations, during the institutions’ monthly visit to the Monrovia Central Prison.

According to Lake, Sing visit is always felt by his humanitarian gesture.

“We know the constraint faced by most of these prisons facilities, despite the challenges, we cry out to him and he will always come,” Lake maintained.