Liberia: Jealous Man ‘Murders’ Girlfriend for Answering Boyfriend’s Phone Call


Gbarnga, Bong County – A 45-year-old man has confessed to shooting his long-time girlfriend to death in what many in the county have described as a “jealous reaction”.

Report By By Selma Lomax, [email protected]

Moments after the incident, the man put the corpse in a rice bag and disposed of it in a rubber farm nearby, police in the county said on Wednesday.

Samuel Dolo, the suspect, was investigated by police for killing Babygirl Cooper, 39, a businesswoman. He was charged with murder and sent to the 9th Judicial Circuit Court on Wednesday.

Earlier, during the police preliminary investigation, Dolo admitted to succumbing to rage after discovering that his girlfriend had been seeing another man.

The incident took place on Tuesday morning, a few minutes past 4:00 am in Wiahmu village along the Gbarnga-Ganta highway.

Dolo said he had accused his girlfriend of infidelity several times. “I have been suspecting her of having a different relationship, but she denied,” he said.

Dolo said he and Cooper had taken a blood covenant, promising to never quit the relationship and that anyone who breaks the oath should face a repercussion – death.

“Babygirl and I took a blood oath and we promised to not separate. Anyone who breaks the rule the penalty should be death. But in recent days, I have been suspecting her (Babygirl) of having a different relationship. She has not been answering my calls and has not been visiting me as she did when we started,” Dolo said.

“She came to my house and we opened the Holy Bible and read scripture. Both of us cut our middle fingers and pulled our blood in a cup and we drank it. From there we promised to not leave each other.”

Dolo told journalists that he shot Cooper with a single barrel gun because he was consumed by anger.

“I programmed her phone to monitor her calls and I later realized that she was in a a different relationship with a guy who constantly called her number,” he said.

Dolo said he had confronted Cooper with evidence of cheating on him with another man. He said they had a fight over what happened and the last straw when Cooper, whom he had been seeing for more than eight years, refused to give him her phone after a cell phone conversation.  

“While I was carrying her over my bike, her phone rang and I noticed that it was the same guy that I am suspecting her to be in relationship with. I asked her to give me the phone and she refused. We tussled over the phone and when she turned her back while trying to escape I shot her with the single barrel gun I had with me,” he said.

Her corpse was seen stuffed in a rice bag after it was thrown in a rubber bush along the Gbarnga-Ganta highway.

Cooper’s Death Sparks Outrage

Angry relatives of the deceased in Palala City, where the suspect and the deceased had resided, stormed the town and burned down his home.

One family member said furiously: “We are disappointed and want the government to speed up with the trail of Dolo.”

“This is terrible,” another family member added. “Babygirl was the breadwinner of our family. Killing her means you have destroyed the livelihoods of more than 10 persons.”

Babygirl’s death is the third case of fatal domestic violence leading to death in Bong County over the past 14 months.

Last year, a hunter Moses Porkpah shot and killed his wife, Doris Nyan, for “giving him small food”.

Porkpah was sentenced to life imprisonment by the Ninth Judicial Circuit court in Gbarnga.