Liberia: Indian Community Donates over US$40K Items, US$6K, 200 Bags of Rice to Nurses, Doctors & Soldiers at 14 Military Hospital

Foreign Minister Findley, Indian Honorary Consul General Sachdeva, Dr. Brown and others observing the social distancing as they pose for a picture beside one of the trucks containing the Indian Community donation

Boys Town, Margibi – Indians living in Liberia have made a “huge” donation to the medical personnel and the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Liberia assigned at the 14 Military Hospital in Margibi County.

The 14 Military Hospital is where more than 25 of the country’s over 35 confirmed cases of the Covid-19 are being kept, observed and given supportive treatments.

The Honorary Consul General of Indian, Mr. Upjit Singh Sachdeva (Jeety) said they were happy to make the donation because Liberia is their second home

Honorary Indian Consul General

Before he presented the items which were in the buckets of nine trucks, the Honorary Consul General of India, Mr. Upjit Singh Sachdeva, who is popularly known in Liberia as Jeety, told the Liberians doing all to save lives at the 14 Military Hospital that on behalf of Indians living in Liberia and as Honorary Consul General of India in Liberia, they had gone there to identify with them. 

“We are touched by the level of work done by doctors, nurses, janitors and all other health workers and the gallant men & women of the Armed Forces of Liberia.

“We are so proud of you all for risking your lives to save others’ lives is priceless. I on behalf of Indians living in Liberia, we salute you for your courage, dedication, commitment to save each and every precious life in Liberia.”

Mr. Sachdeva singled out Dr. Jerry Brown, who was one of those leaders in the fight against the 2014 Ebola outbreak. “Now he has taken charge to defeat and win over COVID-19 Coronavirus. I would like to mention here with pride and honor the selfless commitment of Dr. Jerry Brown and his passionate love for his patients. He was the Man of the Year for EBOLA and he will be Coronavirus Hero in Liberia.”

He also informed Dr. Brown that he had honored his request and brought in the specific things he had asked him for a day earlier. “During my conversation yesterday and day before with Dr. Brown, he was very passionate and worried about the safety of health workers at the hospital and requested for 10 aluminum doors (5-double doors) which without hesitation and waiting for the donation ceremony, we delivered it yesterday. Also he requested us for folding hospital beds, nurses uniforms, bed sheets, pillow, pillow covers, electric washing machine and electric dryer among others.  Dr. Brown, we are pleased to inform you that we have brought everything as part of our donation.” 

Dr. Jerry Brown in conversation with some of his junior colleagues, in the background is the 14 Military Hospital where at least 26 confirmed Covid-19 patients are being kept, observed and given supportive treatments

The Indian diplomat, who said Liberia is their second home, than made one of the best announcements: “To honor the health workers (50) including doctors, nurses, janitorial staff, lab assistants etc., assigned at hospital, we have brought for them two bags of rice per head and in sealed envelope separately US$100 for each health worker. For Dr. Brown, we have brought envelope of US$1000 along with two bags of rice. We are also giving 100 bags of rice to the gallant men & women of the Armed Forces of Liberia, who are serving at the hospital.”

Before he presented the envelopes and list of all the items on the trucks to Foreign Minister Gbehzohngar Milton Findley, Mr. Jeety told Dr. Brown that the donation was an initial gesture from their community and that he (Dr. Brown) should feel free to call on them anything should there be a need.

Foreign Minister Gbehzohngar Milton Findley was there to receive the Indian Community donation to the medical team and soldiers at the 14 Military Hospital in Margibi county

Foreign Minister Findley

Responding, Foreign Minister Findley expressed President George Weah’s heartfelt thanks and appreciation for the donation.

“The President is very concerned on how we win this battle against this Coronavirus. He wants to see all Liberians joining together to fight this virus,” he stated.

The Foreign Minister congratulated the personnel of the Armed Forces of Liberia, who were being led by one Colonel Dada, for the level of work they had done on the facilities, which is not fully operational as a hospital.

He than passed over the envelopes and one list of items to Dr. Brown and also handed a list, too, to Col. Dada for him to be in the know of the things donated by the Indians.

“We only pray to the Almighty God that as you all endeavor to do your work that God will guide, protect and save all of you,” he stated.

Colonel Dada said the army was in the fight together with the medical team at the 14 Military Hospital

Colonel Dada, AFL

Also speaking, Col. Dada of the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) thanked the Foreign Minister and Mr. Jeety; adding: “We are in this fight together with the nurses and doctors. We will ensure that we assist them in any way possible to make their jobs much easier.” He promised to convey to the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of Liberia the 100 bags of rice that the Indians had given.

Dr. Brown, who was one of those who were on the front line battling the deadly Ebola virus disease, appealed to every Liberian to adhere to all the health protocols; he now leads the medical team at the 14 Military Hospital (in the background)

Dr. Jerry Brown

Also speaking, Dr. Brown, who now heads the medical team at the 14 Military Hospital, thanked Mr. Jeety and the Indian Community.

“It is not about the money for which the staff has decided to come here, but it is about ensuring that we all work together to restore peace and sanity in our country. As long as Corona continues to exist in our communities, neighborhood, in our country there won’t be peace.”

Dr. Brown, who was one of those who were on the frontline battling the deadly Ebola virus disease, appealed to every Liberian to adhere to all the health protocols.

“As you have come with these gifts, we have one passionate appeal to all Liberians. Please note that the coronavirus exists. If you have been doubting it, please know that it is in Liberia. Please adhere to those safety measures: social distancing is very important, washing your hands is very important, avoid large crowd. That is the only way we can all work together to prevent corona from spreading further.” He warned that if Liberians do otherwise, there will be many deaths and a long way to go.

Thanking Pres. Weah

He also used the occasion to thank the President for his vision to construct the facility that is now being used to host those who have come down so far with the virus.

“Had he not been visionary enough, today there would have been difficult have a site to attend to corona patients,” he said.

Update on Patients

Giving updates on the 26 confirmed persons who he and others are now looking after, he thanked God that his patients have all been stable and none has had any critical complications so far that will require some sophisticated medical equipment like ventilation, oxygen, etc.

He, however, appealed for those pieces of medical equipment that are needed at the 14 Military Hospital. He stated that efforts are being made by partners to supply them with those essentials pieces of equipment.

He controversially said those who have died as a result of the virus, “are those who refused to come for care when they were sick.”       

At least five of the trucks with some of the donated items by the Indian Community in Liberia to the medical team and AFL personnel at the 14 Military Hospital

Items Donated

Among the 45 items presented to Dr. Brown and others were 100 cartons of Nice Biscuits, 10 cartons Digestive Biscuits, 100 cartons tissue, 200 cartons soap and 50 cartons Clora bleach. The Indians also presented 50 pieces of Hospital Folding Beds, 50 pieces Elegance single mattresses, 50 pieces pillows, 50 pieces bed sheets with pillow covers, five bails of Nursing Uniforms, one piece of LG Electric washer and one piece of LG Electric Dryer among others.