Liberia Immigration Service Denies Stopping Henry Costa from Traveling

The LIS said Mr. Costa checked in and voluntarily checked out and asked that his luggage be deplaned from the SN Brussels flight, a claim Costa denied

MONROVIA – The Liberia Immigration Service (LIS) says it did not prevent Mr. Henry Costa from leaving the country. 

According to the LIS, Mr. Costa initially checked in on SN Brussels flight # 245 but he did not approach immigration and present his travel document as is routine for all travelers. 

The LIS in a press release stated that a few minutes after checking in, Costa voluntarily requested to be removed from the check-in list and had his luggage deplaned.

“LIS says while it has received reports that Mr. Costa entered Liberia using forged travel documents, it did not arrest, stop nor accost him at the airport as he did not present himself to immigration officers,” the LIS release stated.

But speaking to FrontPageAfrica, Costa refuted the LIS claims. He said upon being denied from traveling, he called the ECOWAS Ambassador to inform him about what had occurred. He said, he also called the Minister of Justice who told him that he (Costa) was being investigated and requested of him to collaborate with the investigation.

“I must be an idiot to check in and check out. The people stopped me from traveling and they wanted to seize my passport so I didn’t give it to them,” Costa said.

Costa also vehemently denied forging the laissez passé. “Liberians remain in the U.S. and prepare their passports here in Liberia, how much more a laissez passé which is even a simpler document to obtain? My laissez passé was prepared right in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. If it was forged, why didn’t they seize it upon my arrival. The Immigration officer checked it and allowed me to pass,” he said.