Liberia: House Meets Behind Closed Door to Decide Fate of Woman Who Slapped Lawmaker


MONROVIA — A lady identified as Makanvee Sherriff and three other accomplices stormed the Capitol Building early Tuesday morning and verbally attacked Representative Nathaniel Bahway of Grand Kru County Electoral District #1.
According to Sheriff and her relatives, Rep. Bahway hit their vehicle while on his way to attend session at the Capitol Building.

They accused the lawmaker of showing no remorse as he kept speeding towards the Capitol. They chased him, entered the Capitol and confronted him. Eyewitnesses said Madam Sheriff led her relatives in raining insults at the lawmaker and at the same time recording the scene with her cell phone.

According to eyewitnesses, Rep. Bahway ordered his security to show restraint as he tried walking away but Sheriff held him by his shirt and was later rescued by his security and group of legislative staffers.
Meanwhile, the Sargent-at-arms of the House of Representatives later intervened. And following a brief investigation whisked Sheriff in handcuffs to the Police Headquarters at Capitol Bypass. She was later brought back to the Capitol awaiting Plenary’s decision as they meet in Executive session.