Liberia: Girl, 12, Allegedly Raped by 25-Yr-Old Former Teacher

Love told FrontPageAfrica that her former instructor started to harass and abuse her “ever since” starting from the time he was still teaching her

Monrovia – Love, 12, (Not her real name) was recently given a double promotion in her former school from grade six to eight because of how smart she was. One of her oldest brothers was the one who saved her from being repeatedly tampered with by her 25-year-old former instructor, D Servele Sando C.K.A Diamond on January 6, 2019, who is also reported to be a student of the United Methodist University.

Explaining her ordeal, Love told FrontPageAfrica that her former instructor started to harass and abuse her “ever since” starting from the time he was still teaching her.

“It started ever since when I was in the fifth grade. He used to tell me to go to his house, one time he told me say I should write letters and if I don’t write it he will fail me the whole year,” she stated.

She continued: “So that’s how when I was writing the letter at home I forgot to take it on the campus and that’s how my brother found it and showed it to my mother. My mother decided to take it to the school to ask about it. She met the principal and he called the vice-principal and that’s my teacher and I was invited in the office they warn him and advise me and that’s how he started avoiding me but when I was promoted to the sixth grade he started harassing me again.” explained Love.

When asked by FPA why she didn’t tell the school or her mother when she was being threatened by her instructor, the survivor said that she was afraid that the perpetuator will harm her.

“He said that I shouldn’t tell anybody and if I tell anybody, he will take me from my people and carry me far off,” she stated.

The 12-year-old, however, stated the harassment was very constant from her instructor that he was even inviting her at his house through letters.

“He kept writing me letters to go to his house and I didn’t go. I only went to his house one time and that was when he used to have study class in his fence because his house is in a fence. My friends were in his study class why I was in the study class at my school…so my friends told me to wait for them after studying and that’s how I went to his house that day to wait for my friends…,” stated the minor.

According to Love, after she graduated from the Bible foundation school, which is an elementary school, Servele was still stocking her at her new school after school hours.

“One day, why on my way home from my new school, I encountered him right at the intersection of my house. He saw me and called my name when I answered him – that’s how he joined my cousin and me as we walked home. Another time my one was coming from school and he was at the same place and he saw my phone in my hand and he asked whose phone it was and I told him it was my brother,” she explained.

“That’s how he asked me if I can use the phone to call and I said no, so the next time he saw it in my hand again, he said that’s your brother’s phone in your hand again, why will you be holding your brother’s phone whole day? And that’s how I said it’s my phone and he insisted I give him my number, which I did.” she continued.

According to her, Servele warned her to always delete his number from the phone whenever he called, which she also did.

“He called me two times and said that if he calls me I should delete the number from the phone and I deleted the number from there. He started sending me texts and he told me to delete them as well without saying a word to anybody because if I do so, he will do all the bad things he threatened me about in the past and because of that I was afraid I didn’t tell anyone,” she said.

Unfortunately for him, the minor’s brother caught him in the act before he escaped.

“While cooking one Saturday, I was alone because my brothers can go to school on Saturday and my mother goes to her shop also. Probable on his way someplace he saw me and came to me; he is also friends with my big brother, both of them attends the United Methodist University. That was how he asked his my big brother was home and I said no and he asked for everybody and said it’s my one home… he said he wanted to sit small then all of a sudden he started holding and kissing me and he carried me in my room and I didn’t make noise for the neighbors to hear again because he keeps threatening me,” she explained.

She continued: “The first time he just held and kissed me but the second and third times he penetrated me and it was the last time that my brother saw him in the act before he escaped.”

According to the Medical report presented to the family by James David Memorial Hospital in Nezoe, the 12-year-old survivor anus was widely dilated and was seen with multiple healed laceration along with visible stool inside the walls of the anus and there was also fresh laceration seen at 6:00pm down to the perineum area among others.

When asked about how far the investigation has gone, the Jacob Town Depot 9 police station told FPA that the case is pending arrest because the suspect is at large.