LIBERIA: First Commercial Flight Lands at RIA as Covid-19 Emergency Measures Ease

All 60 passengers were taken into a section of the airport where they were tested for the deadly virus, one by one.

Monrovia – Liberia became the first West African country to open its airport for commercial flights Monday. Some 60- passengers descended off the SN Brussels flight and greeted to strict health protocol.

All 60 passengers were taken into a section of the airport where they were tested for the deadly virus, one by one.

Each passenger had their temperature taken for symptoms of COVID-19 and registered via phones numbers/USSD/Mobile App.

Although some passengers came along with test results showing they had been tested prior, airport authorities required them to go through the testing as extra precaution.

The SN Brussels flight came from Brussels. Two other flights are expected in the coming days but from the United States of America via Brussels, one due in on July 6 and the other on July 13.

Those who arrived Monday underwent tough measures. “I’m very impressed with the new protocol. We all have to go through it, It’s the new normal,” a Passenger told FrontPageAfrica as he came out of the terminal.

Under the terms of the new protocol, all arriving passengers who have not been tested at point of departure will be required to take a rapid test and a PCR swab at airport and in the event of a positive rapid test result, the passenger will be placed in the holding center pending the final PCR test result.

Passengers having negative results will be allowed to go home pending final PCR test and there will be continued symptom monitoring via USSD and Mobile App.

The new RIA Access Protocol will require all passengers to arrive four hours before check-in time and all passengers must wear a face mask.

Additionally, only ticketed passengers will be allowed entry into the airport and all passengers entering the airport gate will be subject to mandatory screening. “All passengers will be required to wash their hands and passengers will be required to stand in marked spaces within the terminal area,” the government announced at the weekend.

Liberia has to date 770 confirmed cases only 422 active, 36 deaths and 312 recoveries. Only two new cases were recorded Monday.