Liberia: Fallen Fence Kills Several in Sinkor During Early Morning Flood

The gigantic fence fell on over six houses killing at least five persons, one in critical condition, while others are responding to treatment

MONROVIA – At least five persons have been confirmed dead due to flood that led the falling of a mighty fence that damaged over six houses in the Wisdom Community, 18th Street, Sinkor.

One person is a critical condition at the John F. Kennedy Medical Hospital as a result of the injury. Others are responding to treatment.

The Chairman of the Community, J. Wondee Daniel told FrontPageAfrica, “We are in tears and we don’t even know what to do; this particular fence that you see fell today is a newly constructed fence. The EPA people came here halted their operation a month ago only to see today the fence has fallen and killing our people,” he explained.

The Acting Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) boss expressed regret over the deaths.

Randolph Dobayou said a company within the fence that fell was illegally exploiting water from the ground which prompted the EPA to halt their operation and lock up the gate.

“This community is not an industrial area, it’s straightly residential so you cannot construct such a huge fence here with houses beneath the fence. The north the fence is sloping to the south where all the community dwellers are located, as the result when the rain came down heavy, the force of the water undermined the fence causing it to fall because it was sloping,” he explained.

The Acting Executive Director of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Randall Dobayou, the owner of the fence should not have erected such a huge fence within a residential area

Dobayou said it is unfortunate for individuals to carry out construction without going to the EPA for technical advice. “They don’t come to seek advice but the EPA has to struggle on its own identify these environmental unfriendly constructions around town to put halt to them but many of them still ignore our notice and continue.

He praised the 18th Street residents for being peaceful after observing what has happened in their community that led to the death of five persons or more. “I must appreciate the people in the community for the level of civility being exhibited today, we extend our deepest sympathy to the bereaved family and pray that God’s counseling hands be upon their souls as they mourn their lost,” he said.

City Mayor of Monrovia, Jefferson Koijee also expressed regret and extended sympathy to the families of those who died.

Mayor Koijee said the owner of the property will face the full weight of the law.

“We will use the court to get remedy to this problem; lives have been lost here and we will take the necessary legal actions. We are going to work with the Ministry of Public Works and the Disaster Management team to engage the victims,” he said.

The Mayor said his office will work closely with the Ministry of Public Works to shelter the homeless residents whose houses were destroyed.