Liberia: Cruelty: 36-Year-Old Uncle Beats 10-Year-Old Niece Unmercifully

36-year-old Joe Jarboe, Jr.

BUSHROD ISLAND – Police on the Bushrod Island are in search of a 36-year-old man identified as Joe Jarboe, Jr. for severely beating his nine years old niece in the St. Paul Bridge Community.

According to eyewitnesses, Jarboe unmercifully beat his niece, Rose Weah, after she allegedly disrespected him on Monday, August 19, 2019.

The former president of the Federation of Borough Youth (FOBY), Mr. Augustine Nagbe, who is also a next door neighbor to the suspect, disclosed that the victim reportedly knocked on her cousin, who is the daughter of Jarboe, during a tussle between the both of them.

He noted that upon hearing the news, Jarboe rushed on the scene, got hold of his niece, and severely beat her on the face and eyes.

He said the suspect also knocked the head of his niece on the stairs of another next door neighbor, something which resulted to blood running into her right eye.

Mr. Nagbe added that the victim later managed to escape from her uncle Jarboe, and ran into the next house, belonging to the Blamo’s family.

He indicated that though the victim was treated at a local clinic in the community, her condition continues to deteriorate.

He maintained that the cruel incident claimed the attention of community members, as well as the new leadership of the Federation of Borough Youth (FOBY), headed by Peter Wesseh.

At a called meeting with family members of Jarboe and some Executive Committee Members of FOBY on Tuesday, August 20, 2019, Mr. Nagbe disclosed that the suspect was spotted at the house, but managed to “jump through the window” when several persons in the meeting threatened to report the matter to the police.

He added that the case has been reported at the police station in the St. Paul Bridge Community.

He stated that though the police has launched a thorough search for the suspect, he is yet to be seen in the community or apprehended by LNP officers.

“Joe Jarboe, Jr. beat his niece Rose Weah who is also called Patience. He beat the girl to the extent that her whole face and head were swollen. The little girl and her friend, who is Jarboe daughter were playing but she knocked the little girl. Jarboe came and he said Patience cheeked him up, and so, he started to beat on her. He knocked her face on the stairs and her entire face started bleeding. The police went on the scene the same day, but he was nowhere to be seen; and up to now, he is not in the community,” Nagbe stated.

Meanwhile, police officers at the Zone four (4) depot in St. Paul Bridge, have confirmed that the matter has been reported. The officers, who preferred not to be named, disclosed that efforts are being made to arrest the suspect who is presently on the run.