Liberia: Coalition for Democratic Change Chairman Calls on Partisans to Return to Party to Foster Reconciliation


MONROVIA – Mr. Mulbah Morlu Chairman of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) has sensed resentment from partisans of the CDC and has made reconciliatory call to partisans who are disenchanted and want to leave the party or staying away from party’s activities.

The CDC chairman in his open appeal for reconciliation amongst disenchanted CDCians, admitted that the CDC may have made some mistakes in the past but those mistakes should not be enough  drive them away from the CDC.

According him, the CDC as a political intuition is much better and more mature than it was few years ago and promised that the party and its leaders are on the right track to make amends to some of the errors and do better in terms of reconciliation.

“For those that are on trial and want to go to other political parties you may find out that there are more problems in those political parties than the party you are leaving today. CDC has made some mistake in the past. CDC is better than it was years ago.

“There is no party you will ever stay in and be as happy as you are than the CDC. You are the trail blazer of this party.  Don’t allow anybody to offend your membership with the party and you walk away. My commitment to the Party is greater than my commitment to any human relationship,” he said.

Morlu who just returned from the United States called on CDCians to hold together because they are the greatest assets to the CDC and all they must do now is to work for the re-election of President Weah in 2023 because Partisans are determined to succeed.

No candidate for Bomi and Nimba Counties in by-elections

Chairman Morlu also informed partisans that the CDC will not proffer candidates for the pending by-elections in two of the four counties which include; Bomi and Nimba Counties. According to him, in Bomi the Party will make a decision who whether to support any of the candidates who are independent candidates or remain mute.

For Nimba County District #1, he said, the CDC will support the candidate proffered by Senator Prince Johnson’s MDR. “We will not proffer candidates in Bomi and Nimba Counties. We are going to work with MDR in Nimba and will await mandate from the political leader on who to support in Bomi County”.

For Grand Gedeh County, Chairman Morlu introduced Mr. Jeremian Sokan, as the candidate the CDC will be supporting in the pending by-election.