Liberia: Boy, 13, Suffering Severe Health Complication Cries for Treatment Abroad

Vargah’s medical condition makes it unsafe to move around. He is often bullied by other teenagers in his community.

Paynesville – Thirteen-year-old Vargah Flomo is living with a complicated health problem. She has been living in agony for over two years. His ordeal started after he was involved in an accident back in July 2018.

Vargah suffers pain night and day and now has a tube connected below his stomach – where he urinates into a small vessel that he carries on his body.

He currently stays with his parents in the Upper Pipeline Community, Paynesville.

“I really want good people to help take me out of Liberia for treatment, so I can become well and go back to school,” he told FrontPageAfrica during a live interview.

Vargah’s medical condition makes it unsafe to move around. He is often bullied by other teenagers in his community.

“I don’t want my friends to keep laughing at me when I go around them,” he said. “I want to go to school like my friends, because when I see them going, I can feel bad, so any group or person that will help me, God will bless them.”

The 13-year-old’s misfortune occurred while on his way from school back in 2018, when a speeding truck a speeding truck hit him and absconded.

His mother, Massa Kamara, recalled that he was immediately rushed at the JFK Hospital by people on the scene.

At JFK, Flomo underwent two separate operations yet his condition could not improve. Doctors said the incident resulted to a total damage of his excretory system.

“He was unable to toilet through his anus and urinate through his penis,” Ms. Kamara lamented.

She furthered that due to his condition, Vargah was then taken to Medicine San Frontier (MSF) Hospital in Barnesville for another operation, because he was toileting from the side of his stomach.

The surgery at the MSF Hospital showed some greenlight, but doctors there were unable to make him urinate freely. They advised his parents to seek advanced surgery out of the country.

“MSF said the group responsible to do such operation is not in Liberia and in fact there is no equipment for that here,” she said.

But Flomo’s parents do not have the means of taking him out of Liberia for treatment and are calling from assistance from goodwill individuals in and out of Liberia.

His father is a petty trader, who sells in the commercial district of Red Light, where his mother also sells fast food.

The 13-year-old was in the kindergarten when the accident occurred.

“He cannot go to school now because of this problem; I have to remove the urine from the bag on his side when it gets full and he has to be near me, so it’s not possible for him to go to school,” explains his mom.

“If people who have feeling will come in to help, then that will be good for my son to be normal again… Can you imagine a small child like this going through this kind of condition for two year, so it pains me as well?”

Ms. Kamara continues to make passionate appeal to government local and international organizations, as well goodwill individuals and humanitarians in and out of Liberia to save her son’s life.

Editor Note: Ms. Kamara can be contacted on 0888 273 438 or 0555 899 486 to provide any help for little Flomo.